Peak:  "Peak F" (13er)
 Route:  The Spider, actually
 Range:  Gore
 Posted By:  Grover
 Date of Info:  07/05/2016
 Date Posted:  07/05/2016

....uuuummmm, well actually, this a conditions report for The Spider and The Fly, as I have just returned from an outing in the Upper Piney River basin. I realize I am breaking the 1st rule of the Gore Range, which is: You do not talk about the Gore Range. But an update about The Spider is needed - it is such a great peak. I guess I will need to buy beers and pizza at Vendetta's to make amends with hardened Gore guardians like 'gore galore', 'd_baker' and 'jbchalk'. Sorry guys.

Reached the summit of The Spider from west side gullies in the upper basin. The trail AFTER the falls at the Lower Piney River (2.8 miles in) is in good shape, but it can be obscure at times. It reminded me of the Ruby Creek Approach for Pigeon Peak - downed trees, sometimes faint and obscure, low branches, no other humans around, etc. There is mud on the trail and several bogs/marshes to deal with all the way up into the upper basin. I highly suggest wearing gaiters. The west gully I used to climb up between The Spider and The Fly does have some snow to deal with. You could avoid it if you really wanted to, but I had microspikes so I used them to make quick work going up. The ridge between The Spider and The Fly is clear of snow.

Comments or Questions
And full of Mosquitoes?
07/06/2016 10:09
I always wanted to do this by this route. Upper Piney Basin is very beautiful and I suspected the trail would be ugly in a lot of places. The Gore topography holds a lot of water, so the mosquitoes are always plentiful it seems. Thanks for the CR!

Sweet stuff, Grover.
07/06/2016 10:15
Love the Upper Piney minus the squitos of course! Congrats on The Spider! Wonderful peak.

In addition...
07/06/2016 10:18
Glad you climbed that west face gully. I've always spied it from Rockinghorse Ridge, but every time I've climbed The Spider its always been a traverse over from The Fly.

07/07/2016 00:17
boudreaux - First, the trail. It is not bad, so don't be scared. You can tell you are on a remote peak and the trail has not been tweaked by CFI. There are no log steps or big cairns or other helpful markers, but the trail is there. Second, the mosquitoes. Yes, they were an issue during the day, when the sun was out. Filtering water from the stream was the worst part of it all. I would pump the filter 4 times, then swat the mosquitoes on my legs/arms 2 times. It was frustrating. A breeze at night made it better for filtering duty and eating dinner. If you make an attempt on The Spider (or anything in the Gore Range) bring double....or triple the amount of bug spray you think you may need.

jbchalk - Thanks for the comments here. The gully route was quick and efficient. I can see that route being a fun one in the spring with a good coating of snow. And while we are crossing paths here, let me say I am impressed with your outings in the mountain. I've scoped out several Trip Reports over the years. Also, say hello to my boy Terry for me, since I believe you two are neighbors, apparently.

07/08/2016 06:40
No amends needed Grover....
I sure do miss the Gore Range and it's been too long since I've been in there. And I still need to make amends to myself and get up the Spider & The Fly!

07/08/2016 16:02
The spider and fly are awesome peaks.

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