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Route: North Ridge from Lulu Gulch
Posted On: 2022-08-04, By: Syde0004
Info: Followed the AllTrails Huron loop. Pretty challenging. Whole lot of scrambling across boulders. No real trail to follow for a lot of it on the way up. The views on the way down were spectacular! Trailhead: 4:30am, got a spot just fine Summit: 8:50am Back to car: 11:40am 
Route: North Ridge from Lulu Gulch
Posted On: 2022-07-31, By: TheSpaceForce
Info: 7/30: Ascended from Lulu Gulch via Browns Peak direct (Option 1). We cannot recommend Browns Peak direct/Option 1. From a "leave no trace" perspective, you are very likely to cause a bunch of additional erosion, crush a bunch of tundra, or both on this route. If interested in approaching from the North Ridge, consider going via the Middle Mountain-Browns Peak-Huron ridgeline for the entire route (Option 2). Otherwise, an entirely different route may be the best choice. We descended the Standard route, which is in impeccable shape. 
Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2022-07-17, By: cfitzpatrick
Info: Summer conditions, lots of water on the trail and on the 4X4 hike. Completed as a sunrise hike, started around 2am and summited around 5am. 
Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2022-07-01, By: Swelchy
Info: Summer conditions, lots of snow melt on the trail, I would recommend wearing waterproof shoes or shoes that dry fast. We did not encounter any snow or slush on the entirety of the trail. Started a little late at 8:00, summited at 10:50, back to the car by 1:30. 
Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2022-06-27, By: hsfedina
Info: Snow yesterday made the mid-final Ascent slushy. It was fine for me (and easier to follow trail) but down-hikers reported mild difficulty. Spikes not necessary. Overall amazing! 
Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2022-06-25, By: cloudkicker
Info: Terrifying avalanche terrain, bring probe, also bring crampons and axe. Kidding. 100% summer conditions 
Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2022-06-20, By: Roxandnate
Info: Full-on summer conditions. One 15-foot rapidly melting span of snow to cross. Lots of meltwater in the basin. Please don't go off-trail to avoid. Lots of damage is being done to adjacent tundra. 
Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2022-06-13, By: Balancing1076
Info: Hiked from beginning of 4WD road. Added 4 miles RT. 4WD road had some deep divots and didn't feel comfortable taking Honda Pilot. Believe my decision to just hike it was a good one because the Pilot never would have made it. Trail was in summer conditions all the way. Snowfield was in high melt, ground very wet. Trail was wet with running water from 12.,70”-13,000” about. Bring extra socks. 
Route: Lulu up, standard down
Posted On: 2022-06-11, By: Alpinefroggy
Info: Lulu full summer conditions, Standard has one snow field that will get your feet wet. Otherwise in summer conditions Beautiful views of the surrounding 14ers all the way out to the elks. Go get it! 
Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2022-06-11, By: csf-lhiver
Info: 4WD TH is accessible. Route is dry. The snow field is still up there, it's melting quick. If you posthole, you'll probably posthole into a pool of water underneath the snow, so just keep that in mind. Parts of the trail to gain the ridge are muddy/water running on the trail due to the melting snow. Good hike, and beautiful views. 
Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2022-06-08, By: bananabobby
Info: Almost summer conditions. There are a few patches of snow right before the tree line. There is a big snowfield still at 12k. It was frozen solid on the way up and I postholed about a dozen times at 9am on the way back. Seems like it would be a miserable 500' walk at noon or later. 
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Route: North Ridge from Lulu Gulch
Posted On: 2022-06-06, By: kalestew
Info: Went up Lulu and down standard. Lulu road is in better shape than years prior. Almost totally dry until you summit/bypass Brows. Only a couple of remaining snowfields, worst of them is on the standard descent when you get back into the trees. Basically summer conditions 
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Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2022-05-19, By: akcasey12
Info: Was able to park about 1.5 miles from the TH. Walked up to 11.3k in trail runners. Then did a skin, walk mix to the summit. Walked the entire ridge. Skied off the summit down the East Face around 8:30 am. Snow was pretty good and continuous to the bottom. Was able to skin back to the ridge. Then skied all the way down to about 10.8k with a couple of sections of walking and some intense tree skiing... wasn't great but better than walking. Also, My partner lost her green CAMP Ice axe somewhere in the trees on the way down between 12k & 10k. So if anyone finds it, its safe return will be rewarded! 
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Route: East Face from Clear Creek
Posted On: 2022-05-02, By: lawdoggy
Info: Great coverage in the basin and in the EF couloir. It is possible to drive across the creek onto Cr 381 at Rockdale, but not worth it. The road has impassible snow banks almost immediately. The road will not be drivable for a long time. Just gotta walk. 
Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2022-05-01, By: bsiegs
Info: Perfect conditions - bluebird day with very little to no wind. What a nice change! With several groups today reinforcing the activity on Huron from this past week, tracks are now pretty well established from Winfield to summit. The trench after the 4wd trailhead takes a steep, direct line up through treeline, cutting through the summer switchbacks. It was great with firm snow on the ascent, but was a sloppy slip-and-slide on the way down. There's a large overhang of snow off the summit (see photo) that I avoided standing on, but it's not obvious once you're on top if you're not aware of it while approaching. 
Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2022-04-27, By: JasonCrane
Info: 14er immortality on Huron foiled by a freak of a snow storm and white out conditions. At 13.2k, temps dropped, skies blackened, winds roared and snow dumped, abandoning a likely summit bid on Wednesday. Snowshoes were essential from TH to ~12.5k, then switched to spikes. I parked 1/4 mile from Winfield, due to about 2 ft of snow coverage on CR390. AWD road is trenched to summer TH. Track remnants of big Will E style's stellar performance this wknd were still visible for most of the steep, 45 degrees ascent up through treeline. Summer trail switchbacks are faintly visible and provided guidance to the slope just below summit ridge. Mashed potato snow conditions entire day. Slipping, sliding and contorting down that headwall of a treeline became frustrating and treacherous. Spring 14ers proving a nice time of year to go for a swim, even in snowshoes. 
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Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2022-04-24, By: Will_E
Info: Summitted Huron via the standard route today. The road is mostly melted out to about a quarter mile before Winfield, with some short sections of snow with tire tracks that made it fairly easy to get through. I wouldn't try it in a sedan, but any crossover with reasonable clearance should have no issue. There was a trench from Winfield to about a qtr mile before the TH, from there I broke trail in snowshoes until just past 13k. Snow was reasonably supportive, only got messy in a few places. Great day, had it all to myself. 
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Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2022-03-14, By: jscully205
Info: I clocked in a little less gain and mileage than the last party starting where the plowing ends on CR390. 24 miles and 5300ft gain. On skis it was a 12 hr day. Nice sled track to follow all the way to Winfield. From Winfield on it was all trail breaking through tree line. The hardest part was from the summer TH to the upper basin. Ran into some touchy snowpack with some settling happening throughout the day. Obviously, you want to eschew the headwall on the climbers right when you're in the upper basin. Could skin to about 13.5k where it turned into hiking from there to the summit. Micro spikes or crampons would be optional- a lot of rock. 
Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2022-02-22, By: maverick_manley
Info: Cat track on the road to Winfield. Inches to a foot of trail breaking (with skis) above the summer TH and up through tree line although that will likely change after this storm that's in progress. Good heavy pow to ski off. Ridge to summit somewhat windblown and dry. Bring steel toes for the road back, and an Abba dance track to listen to on loop for the bazillion hours it takes to get back to the car - 
Route: Northwest Slopes
Posted On: 2021-11-06, By: Tornadoman
Info: Standard trail is a mixture of packed snow and bare dirt until the upper basin, where snow becomes more consistent (except a dry section going up the little headwall). Most of the upper peak is packed, with occasional 3-6 inches of snow in spots. The steeper few hundred vertical feet at the top has tracks leading a few different ways as the trail is hard to follow in a few spots. Spikes/poles useful especially near summit. Gaiters may be helpful although we never felt the need to put them on as we wore winter boots. (Note: Took Lulu Gulch for the ascent; the switchbacks up to Middle Mountain are hard snow cut into reasonably steep terrain and require some care. The rest of the ascent, Middle, 13,462, Browns alternates between mostly dry to a few inches of snow in spots. None of it is significant). 

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