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Route: Maroon Pass
Posted On: 2021-08-09, By: Grover
Info: One of the better views of the Elk Range from this small perch. If you seek solitude, you will only have it when you turn away from West Maroon Pass, as there were 100's of other hikers on the trail. Nothing complex about the route, as the choice between where to go and what to avoid is straightforward. You do need to test any hold when you need to make a Class 2+ or 3 move. The route up to the summit does favor the climbers right side. You will see the drop off on the left side is of major consequence into Fravert Basin. 
Route: from Maroon Lake TH, up West Maroon Pass
Posted On: 2021-06-27, By: mijoflynn
Info: West Maroon Trail had lots of water, lots of mud, and (in the morning) lots of wet willows slapping at you as you walked past -- especially above the turnoff for Maroon Peak. One or two minor snowfields are left just below the pass, but they're easily crossable in plain boots. The ridge from the the pass to Belleview is in summer conditions. Some fun, easy scrambling on loose Elk rock but without a ton of exposure; the TR by Acorn22 is gold. As the name implies, Belleview's got an okay view of the south face of Maroon. Lots and lots of people (and dogs, and horses) starting or finishing the Four Pass Loop today. Just one other person on the Belleview ridge. 
Route: West Maroon Pass
Posted On: 2019-10-12, By: Flyingfish
Info: South facing slopes are dry before the pass. North facing slopes have 3-6 inches of snow. The ridge up from the pass has intermittent snow till the summit block. The upper gully of the summit block has 3 inches of snow. 
Route: West Maroon Pass
Posted On: 2019-09-14, By: abreibart
Info: Always crowded on the pass. Beautiful day. No-one on the route or peak. Didn't see a register. Beware of hikers below on trail from Crater Lake! Pretty straight forward. 
Route: West Maroon Pass (CB side)
Posted On: 2017-07-03, By: CUaaron25
Info: Hiked Belleview Mtn from crested butte via west maroon pass on Saturday. Schofield pass is still closed about 2.5 miles from the summer trailhead due to avy debris, so it added about 5mi RT for a 16 mile day. The route through the baisn up to west maroon pass is mostly dry except for a few snow fields to cross. The crowds coming up from the aspen side were having a tougher time getting to the top of the pass due to a significant amount of snow still hanging out on that side of the pass. The rest of the route up Belleview is standard elk scrambling with the exception of the last 100 feet. There is lingering snow in the last gully leading up to the summit. I tried a few alternative routes but everything would have gone into the 5.easy grade, which would be fine if the rock seemed reasonable, which it didn't. I used crampons and ice axe for the last snow section and it went quickly. The downclimb back to west maroon pass was interesting, got off route once in the maze of ledges and gullys but eventually found the way down to the pass. Overall a fun day with big views! 

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