Mt. Owen B  
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Route: Lake Irwin via Ruby Peak
Posted On: 2021-07-24, By: JasonKline
Info: The road to Green Lake is still closed ("I have firearms and a backhoe"), so the best legal way to Owen B from Lake Irwin is over Ruby Peak. My Hyundai Ioniq had no problem getting to Lake Irwin and could have probably gone further up the road if I had tried. 
Route: South Ridge
Posted On: 2019-08-28, By: Flyingfish
Info: The road to Green lake has been closed by a property owner disputing a public right of way. The only way to climb Owen from Kebler pass is to climb the south ridge of Ruby being carful to avoid private property on the ascent to the ridge the a traverse to Owen followed by reversing that route over Ruby and back. Otherwise you would need to either continue to Purple mountain then down the East ridge to go around private property on the east side or descend to Green Lake and traverse the east flank of Ruby at about 11,000ft to stay above private property. The most straight forward is to return over Ruby since the other two options involve navigating many many cliff bands. 
Route: Green Lake
Posted On: 2019-08-02, By: 13erRetriever
Info: The road up to Green Lake has been closed by the private landowner beneath the lake, making access to Owen B from that route questionable. Apparently the issue is in slow litigation now over the disputed public nature of the road and has been for two years. Why it's taking the County and FS so long to establish that the road has been in use by the public for decades is beyond me, but hikers be warned for the time being. The gate is at about 10,600 ft. and the owner has a camera on it. I had planned on making a quick go of Owen last weekend on my way back to Denver from Montrose but turned my jeep around when I found the way blocked. Pissed is an understatement. I think there are still alternative ways to get up Owen without using the road, (particularly by summiting and re-summiting Ruby, maybe also possible by Scarp Ridge?) but this will take more homework on my end and I wasn't prepared to head out on a route I hadn't researched. Research the status of this issue before you head out to Owen via the road anytime in the next few years. Note: The patchwork of public/private land at Lake Irwin is also a shitshow. I respect private property that is actually private and marked, but the landowners around the lake make it very well known that you are not welcome to join in or be near their trust-funded public land-surrounded paradise, even though County roads service the area and the lake itself (and much of the area around it) is public. It makes me sick that these landowners have made us feel unwelcome on our own public lands (i.e. closing off a PUBLIC road, "slow" signs with a "f*** off" slogan hat in several lots), and treat the area as if they own it and we have no right to use it. I hate to let them win, but do yourself a favor and go down to the San Juans and skip this area (and Crested Butte in general) if you want to avoid this elitist attitude and actually enjoy yourself on the public lands that we ALL own and have a right to use. Point made. Rant over. 
Route: Lake Irwin
Posted On: 2017-06-11, By: piper14er
Info: The road to Lake Irwin is clear. Snow varies from none to 3 feet on some slopes. Melting fast with a lot of runoff, slushy snow and mud in the afternoon. The climb up to Mt. Owen B was mixed snow, wet rock/dirt/scree and dry trails. 8 miles and 3200 feet. 

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