Hagues Peak  
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Route: Hagues via the saddle
Posted On: 2022-07-05, By: RidgeWretch
Info: I made it within 150' of the summit before running out of time and weather. I started at 7:45am and made it to that point in four hours. I'm fast, but that took a lot out of me and I wish I had started earlier. Know that there is a patch of snow just below the summit block that requires navigating. Until it melts out, this will require time and Class 3 work which I thought would be more limited. Good luck! 
Route: with Mummy and Fairchild
Posted On: 2021-09-08, By: SnowAlien
Info: Did the Mummy-Hagues-Fairchild loop from Lawn lake TH. Something like 7k and 18 miles RT. The first part of the loop is not exciting - not much of a view on the approach and the tundra stroll up Mummy is monotonous. Traverse on talus to Hagues seemed endless. I thought the entire loop was like that, but Hagues SW ridge was a bit of a scramble for couple hundred feet, at least to break up the monotony. More grass and talus on the way up to Fairchild. Not much of a view due to smoke. Best part of a hike was a scenic Saddle trail descending to Lawn lake. 
Route: Mummy Madness from Rowes or Mummy Mountain
Posted On: 2021-07-12, By: supranihilest
Info: From the summit of Rowe Peak head east to a broad saddle then south down loose talus and boulders to the basin housing Rowe Glacier. There may be some snow to cross. Continue up Hagues' north slopes which is mostly steep scree and talus. The very upper part of the mountain is more solid and bouldery and may contain a small amount of easy scrambling. If coming directly from Mummy Mountain simply follow Hagues' east ridge to the summit across large boulders. 
Route: Hagues via the saddle
Posted On: 2021-07-10, By: trkl9
Info: Full summer conditions. Wet and boggy above lawn lake. Went up Hauges via the saddle trail. I did find some class 4 up to there but I'd just recommend following the ridge proper. Followed the ridge to Mummy and back down Mummy's east side back to black canyon trail. 19 miles, 5,500 feet. Fantastic day. 
Route: Hagues via the saddle
Posted On: 2019-08-12, By: mas0156
Info: Mtn is great summer shape. We ascended via The Saddle and up the SW ridge. There are a few snowfields up top but our natural route didn't touch them. Easy route finding was required just below the summit. The weakness we chose only required a few easy class 3 moves. I believe the class 4 classification on this site is incorrect. Descended the south slopes between Hagues and Mummy which is simply class 2 tundra. Additionally the route measured on caltopo has gross gain at around 5,300 (nowhere close to the 7k the route description shows). Fun and pleasant climb. 
Route: Hagues via the saddle
Posted On: 2019-07-21, By: CaptainSuburbia
Info: Did Mummy Mania from Chapin Pass to Lawn Lake TH. The route is almost entirely clear of snow. There is a small snowfield on the Ypsilon-Fairchild saddle that can be mostly skirted. As you near the summit of Hagues the class 2 route is blocked by a small snowfield. Rather than going through it, we went around to the left and found a legit class 4 climb to the summit that was very enjoyable. It was smooth sailing from there to Mummy and the trailhead. After descending Mummy there is a bit of route finding though to locate the Lawn Lake trail so hopefully you have your GPS. Also, congrats to my climbing partner Vadim34 who summited his 500th RANKED 13er on Hagues! 
Route: Hagues and Rowe Peaks
Posted On: 2018-08-12, By: supranihilest
Info: I traversed the full Mummy Range and thus did not climb down any route I climbed up. Keep that in mind when reading these Mummy Range conditions reports. From Mummy Mountain: mostly class 2 talus hopping along the increasingly rugged ridge. I found it easy to climb up to the ridge crest but not easy to climb directly along the crest, so I tried to stay just below the ridge crest. There is a little bit of class 3 thrown in but all of it is easy. I did not actually go directly to Hagues Peak from here, opting to tag it on the way back from the two Rowes. Hagues to Rowe Peak: irritating, loose class 2 down across the bowl and below the lake and glacier. Same loose junk to the summit of Rowe Peak. It was easier going up to the ridge slightly east of the summit itself but you could probably ascend directly to the summit if you wished. Rowe Peak to Rowe Mountain: do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT go east to what looks like a higher, pointier summit on the ridge line. I think it is actually higher but it isn't an official anything except an official waste of time. It is NOT Rowe Mountain! Rowe Mountain is an unassuming lump of broken granite blocks to the north. Also take note that the GPS coordinates/pin shown on the map are not correct. In fact you want to go to the lump slightly northeast of that. It IS higher and you will be able to clearly see that from the top of either lump. This is also where the summit register is located. See the pic for details. From Rowe Peak to Rowe Mountain is entirely class 2. Rowe to Hagues: more junky class 2. Hagues to the Saddle: I ultimately went slightly southeast of the summit before dropping off. Most of the climbing was class 2 scree covered ledges, a good amount of class three between them, and a few isolated, not very exposed class 4 moves. Be aware there is a ton of loose rock on this down climb. If you find yourself faced with a sketchy move go back and find somewhere else to climb, as you will be able to do the entire down climb on solid rock. Route finding is non-trivial but again nothing was too difficult or exposed. 
Route: Hagues via the saddle
Posted On: 2017-06-19, By: C-Shepguy
Info: Lawn Lake TH to the lake is basically dry, couple muddy spots. Hard packed snowfields to cross in the woods by the lake, plus one on the way up to the saddle. Never used spikes. Some snow still up near the summit too but it's avoidable except for maybe a couple steps. Also snow sections along the ridge toward Mummy...but they don't present a major problem. 
Route: Hagues and Rowe Peaks
Posted On: 2016-09-11, By: Unknown
Info: Dry and gorgeous yesterday but windier than the forecast. We did the mummy kill, and I thought it'd be valuable info for someone to know that between Hagues and Rowe there is a snowmelt fed lake that would be great for filtering some water if you wanted to lighten the load a little bit. 

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