Engelmann Peak  
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Route: Woods Mountain, Mount Parnassus, Bard Peak, Robeso
Posted On: 2022-07-20, By: ickiboo
Info: Started at 9 am. Woods Mountain, Mount Parnassus, Bard Peak, Robeson Peak, Engelmann Peak in a Loop. Some steep bushwhacking after Engelmann. Our line is not necessary to follow by a good guide. The gully to the west of the one that we descended may be too steep to safely descend. 
Route: Ruby Gulch TH
Posted On: 2022-07-18, By: kwhit24
Info: I wanted to finally hike The Law Firm so parked at the Ruby Gulch "TH" at 6am and was the first car there. By the time I got back to the car at 12:30pm there were 20ish vehicles there many of which were parked along the road. To get up Engelmann Peak I followed MaryinColorado's TR up the drainage and then used the West NW ridge to gain the summit. The rest of the hike is straight forward. Didn't see any people until I was heading up Parnassus when I saw two groups of two. Coming off Parnassus there were probably 30-40 hiking Woods and/or Parnassus from Herman Gulch TH. Coming down off Woods I traversed the slope via a game half-ass game trail until the old mine road came into view. The traverse isn't great but it looks a lot better then head straight down the steeper slopes. Once I saw the road I head straight down making shortcuts beteen the switchbacks since the slope wasn't bad. There were a couple spots I didn't see the road well but as long as I headed in its general vicinity I always found it again. Shortly after getting in to the tress I just followed to road/trail. It wraps around a little backtracking south and adding some distance but that looked a lot better than bushwhacking threw the dense trees. Plus at each creek crossing there are good rocks or pipes to help cross. (10.38 mi; 5,203' gain; 6:09:23 total time) Start at TH 6:15am; Engelmann Peak 8:10am; Robeson Peak 8:40am; Bard Peak 9:25am; Mt. Parnassus 10:15am; Woods 11:05am; Back to TH 12:25pm 
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Route: West slopes
Posted On: 2022-05-28, By: yaktoleft13
Info: Hiked the Law Firm today. Trail is intermittent snow, but after turning off onto the west slopes, I was able to stay 90% on dry ground. Snow patches heading to and down Robeson. Ascent up Bard had a fair amount of snow too. Ridge from Bard to Parnassus was the snowiest part of the loop. Descending Parnassus to the woods saddle was mostly dry. Glissaded from just below the saddle till momentum stopped, then snowshoes till a quarter mile from the trailhead. No traction needed, but snowshoes a must. 
Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2022-02-13, By: dleflar
Info: Summit mostly wind blown and clear. South slopes from saddle between Robeson are wind blown and clear. 4th gulley from old mine to about 300 yards below saddle is snow filled but gets shallower as you gain elevation. Snowshoes were appropriate for 75% of the gulley 
Route: via Robeson, W Ridge descent
Posted On: 2021-09-18, By: LetsGoMets
Info: Loop of Robeson & Engelmann Peak, starting with the NW Ridge direct to Robeson summit, and a descent almost directly of Engelmann (ridge between Gully #1 and Gully #2. NW Ridge of Robeson is the way to go - easy trail segments to some 2+ scrambling to attain the ridge direct, and then an easy tundra walk directly to the summit. Descent from Engelmann on ridge between Gully #1 and #2 is steeper than NW Ridge of Robeson, but goes pretty quickly and easily. Trail segments took me almost directly to the end of the 4x4 road (where the cabin and bridge is), which is where you head to Robeson's NW ridge (read: a solid loop). No register on either peak. Parked in the small lot with the Urad information sign just before the 4x4 road with no issue. 
Route: Via Robeson NW Ridge
Posted On: 2021-06-19, By: ncxhjhgvbi
Info: Took the route from the most recent TR (thanks!!). I found the short bushwhack from the end of the road to the ridge to be intuitive - there are also some cairns and short trail sections. There are some fun Class 2+ scrambles on the ridge right at treeline. Great views the whole way. I didn't step on snow once. I took Gulley 4 down from Engelmann and I thought the top 1/3 was easy, middle 1/3 a little tedious with larger scree/talus, and the bottom third was pretty easy. There is an obvious trail on the left to exit the gulley around 11,400. Overall great day! 3:45 RT 
Route: Ruby Gulch TH, Bard Quintuplet Loop
Posted On: 2021-06-07, By: Reed Harrington
Info: Mostly summertime conditions, traction devices not required. Snow patches below treeline that are melting fast and turning to mud. Expect a tolerable amount of slipping and postholing until they melt completely. The few snow patches above treeline are flat and easy to cross or avoidable. Engleman's gullies contain quite a bit of snow, but can be easily avoided by climbing the ridge between the two northernmost gullies (this the route I would recommend even without snow). There is notable snow on the ridge between Bard and Parnassus that has a significant slope to it, be careful not to accidentally slide down it (an ice axe isn't necessary especially when the snow is soft later in the day) or avoid the snow on the ridge by working around it to the south. Note that this area is confusing in terms of parking, closures, and private property. I can't say for sure exactly what is strictly legal. I think that Woods Creek road typically ''opens" June 1. Parking near the ''Danger: Extreme Avalanche Risk" gate/sign to begin the route is a mystery to me. I parked about 200 yards above the gate behind a snowbank and didn't have any issues, but it was a Monday morning and I didn't see anyone else around all day. 
Route: Ruby Gulch - loop w Bard, Parnassus
Posted On: 2020-06-28, By: 9patrickmurphy
Info: This is a wonderful loop. Really beautiful da,y I think one of the hiddens gems of the I-70 corridor. We took the 4th gully up, it went slowly but wasn't too bad. Probably the best option, looking at the topo map. Not too steep, easy to find. Once you get to the footbridge/ private cabin area (that dude has some neat irrigation system set up in the creek!), just follow the creek up and turn right when the stream forks. Go up the gully, then you'll be on the ridge and happy to get some good views. Very straightforward ridging to Bard & Parnassus. Robeson is easy to bypass on the way to Bard. Parnassus has some snow in its gullies that lends a good glissade. Make sure you don't take one of the first few gullies though, and scope out your line in the morning when you can see what gullies actually have snow. Contour once in the basin at treeline to find the road, and it's super smooth sailing back to the Urad mine. Had no problems parking at the mine, and it seemed like a few people were hiking in Ruby Gulch today. There are signs on the road saying no stopping near the mine, but the trailhead seems legit... I'm still unsure of its legality, but we had no issues this Sunday. 
Route: SE Ridge from Bard Creek Trail
Posted On: 2020-06-28, By: nedryarson
Info: This was an amazing hike in that I encountered not one person the entire day. I was really blown away to see sections of the Bard Creek trail overgrown with grass, clearly doesn't see much traffic in this area. Turned off the trail at around 11,600 to gain and then ascend the gentle SE ridge. Combined with Robeson, total stats were around 10.6 miles and 3,475 gain - seemed less though as it's all such a mellow incline. I should point out that the second half of the road from Empire to the trailhead is extremely rough - 4x4 type vehicles only (jeep, xterra, 4runner, truck, etc). 
Route: Bard Creek
Posted On: 2020-06-20, By: dwoodward13
Info: This should be the standard route for these 3 peaks instead of the mine route. One of the best trails I've found myself on. Followed the Bard Creek Trail until reaching treeline, then picked our route up the slope to the summit. A bit of snow from the previous few days that will likely melt by tomorrow. Route off to Robeson was a grassy with a thin covering of snow that will be gone. Same with route from Robeson to Engelmann. We stayed just north of Englemann SE Ridge and had a pretty painfree bushwack to meet back up with the Bard Creek Trail. Note that the road up to Bard Creek Trail is pretty rough. Only legit 4x4s will make it to the trailhead. Subies and the like will make it about a mile short near some cabins, unless you really don't care about your car. 2wd will be 2 miles shy at a pull off near Empire Pass. 
Route: via Robeson
Posted On: 2020-06-12, By: MC.Ikema
Info: Snow free from Robeson Peak. 
Route: West Gully
Posted On: 2019-05-12, By: eskermo
Info: Continuous snow up to about 13,000'. We skinned from the gate to about 12,900' with the help of splitboard crampons and booted from there to the summit. Dropped in around 13,000', got a couple shark bites early, and then the rest of the snow was excellent. Buffed out powder up high transitioned into great corn about halfway down. This was a killer ski line (~2,700' today) and would even make a quick, straightforward, moderate snow climb. 
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Route: West Gullies from Ruby Gulch
Posted On: 2018-08-26, By: supranihilest
Info: Good and dry but also very, very loose and rather steep. Try to stick to the ribs on the sides of the gullies instead of the gullies themselves since the ribs are more solid. 
Route: Ruby Creek Approach
Posted On: 2016-07-15, By: jasayrevt
Info: Clear and very nice trip with reaching summits. Great, beautiful 13er mountains. Also traversed over to Robeson Pk. This route is definitely very cool and extremely lightly traveled. Prime summer conditions up high for navigating slopes and ridge line well. Trail runners & light pack were good. Travel safely / swiftly in the hills folks 
Route: via Urad
Posted On: 2012-06-03, By: Monster5
Info: Ascended W rib of Engelmann, bypassed Robeson to Bard, hit Robeson before descending prominent avy chute WNW and meeting back up with an old road. Dry. bit of easy, mostly-avoidable postholing down low in the avy chutes. A sign says "no parking in the next 3 miles" near Urad - we didn't have any problems parking at the "Extreme Avalanche Danger" sign/TH, but it is Sunday. Pictures: https://picasaweb.google.com/105978537438093356597/SnowandBard06032012 image  
Route: NW slopes from Urad Mine area
Posted On: 2012-05-05, By: pseudoghost
Info: Failed attempt to climb, but I hope others might learn from my mistakes: The Trailhead: The Urad Mine area has interesting signage, some suggesting that you might be trespassing in certain areas. Just make sure to stay east of the mine and you should probably be OK. Parking is about 50 feet before the avalanche danger sign as indicated in the other reports, large turnoff, plenty of parking for a 5-6 cars or so. There‘s more parking farther up and about 1/3 mile back on the road. Route: The route up the road is well packed and can be easily walked on with boots. It will probably take another month or so for it to all thaw out. Off the trail though, it‘s postholing hell. You need snowshoes to go off the main road, and you need to go off trail to get to Engelmann. Thus, you need snowshoes for the time being at least. The snow is deep, and very weak under the top layer. Even in the early morning I was postholing up to my waist. Without snowshoes, you‘re probably looking at an hour long journey to go a couple hundred yards... Keep in mind, this is in a "low snow" year. In a normal year you‘d probably need snowshoes until July for this area as it didn‘t seem to get much sun. Make sure to turn off early on the road to head up the slopes of Engelmann. It looks like the best bet is to turn off in a (very apparent) avalanche chute about a mile from the gate. If you miss this chute, then you need to bushwhack your way up. Otherwise, you‘ll make my mistake, which was going too far up the road. If you get too far up the road, you‘re basically screwed as far as getting over to Engelmann and Robeson, as the slopes are blocked by exposed Class 3 - 5 cliffs. I tried to work my way around the cliffs (back towards the trailhead, while looking for a route up) but the rock is completely rotten, even walking on the talus was a nightmare. I‘ve seen some guide books that suggest that you could go even further south into the basin and ascend the saddle between Robeson and Bard, but I wouldn‘t suggest it. It looks very steep, and again the rock is completely rotten. If you get to this point, the best way to recover is probably to head SW towards the saddle between Woods and Parnassus, as it‘s a pretty gentle and reasonable climb. Maps: The topo maps for this area are very outdated; most show a summit to Red Mountain that no longer exists! Be aware, that Red Mountain‘s summit has collapsed due to underground mining. While I was planning on making a full loop (with Red Mountain last), I wouldn‘t recommend this plan now that I‘ve been out there. Red Mountain overlies the mine, so the ground could be unstable if you walk out on it. 

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