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Route: Grizzly and Cupid from Loveland Pass
Posted On: 2019-04-10, By: allysonhikes
Info: Hiked Cupid via Loveland Pass on Sunday 4/7. Showed up to the trailhead around 9:30 and the parking was completely full of tourists, other hikers, and skiers. To be fair, it was an absolutely beautiful day to be outside. We hiked along the ridge & did just fine in spikes. One or two people had snowshoes but it really wasn't necessary, especially considering there was a lot of parts already that didn't have snow on them. Crossing the ridge line was super windy but the peak wasn't bad at all (not sure if it's less exposed?). He views from the top of Cupid are absolutely amazing! Great views of Breckenridge, Greys/Torreys & Grizzly peak. We wanted to go over to Grizzly but it looked unsafe (avalanche reasons). Overall, this was a super beautiful hike & I highly recommend it! 
Route: Northwest Ridge
Posted On: 2017-11-15, By: kingshimmers
Info: Trail is well-broken and starts through patchy snow, ice, and rock up from Loveland Pass to the ridge (photo #1). It was slippery in spots, but there is too much exposed rock for traction devices to be of much use right now. From there, the ridge is fairly patchy/bare until you reach Cupid. There is packed-down snow on the trail, but easy to walk on without traction. Past Cupid there are some sections with deeper snow, but still avoidable. See conditions reports for Grizzly Peak D for more info on continuing past Cupid. 
Route: From Loveland Pass
Posted On: 2017-06-13, By: Tony1
Info: A little bit of snow to walk though along the route, otherwise dry. 
Route: from Loveland Pass
Posted On: 2017-04-15, By: cougar
Info: mix of dry patches and bootpacked, firm icy snow up to PT 12915. From there to Cupid it's basically dry trail with cornice to the left. Snow stayed firm through the day. Microspikes helpful in some spots. 
Route: Loveland Pass
Posted On: 2017-03-17, By: tcphoto87
Info: Route is pretty dry the whole way with only small patches of snow here and there. I didn't even need to put on my microspikes the entire way. 
Route: NW Ridge from Loveland Pass
Posted On: 2017-03-06, By: ajlavigne
Info: Route was close to 1/2 firm snow and 1/2 dry trail/rocks; not icy at all. We ended up ascending all the way from Loveland Pass, over Cupid, and to Grizzly without traction or flotation, but did put micros on for the descent and traverse to Sniktau - just left them on for a few scrambling moves along the ridge and where the route was dirt/rock. Even snow-covered, it's easy to follow the trails other than the rocky section south of Cupid and the last couple hundred feet of Grizzly; stay close to the ridge lines (but off cornices) and you can't go wrong. 
Route: NW Ridge from Loveland Pass
Posted On: 2016-11-28, By: Marmot96
Info: From Loveland Pass, the trail is visible the entire hike except for the last 5 minutes or so. Snow is no higher than my knees in the deepest areas, and most is avoidable. Near summer conditions. 
Route: NW Ridge from Loveland Pass
Posted On: 2016-06-12, By: JQDivide
Info: Route is Dry from the TH to the summit. 
Route: NW Ridge from Loveland Pass
Posted On: 2016-05-30, By: jasayrevt
Info: Good, prime conditions for this route and reaching the top of the peak. Variable, definitely still a lot of snow around. There are many high-quality mountaineering lines that are in. Traversed over from Sniktau. Make a trip up and enjoy the great outdoors / summit. Pictures included for beta 
Route: NW Ridge from Loveland Pass
Posted On: 2015-03-19, By: SolarAlex
Info: Trail to the top of pt 12xxx has very little snow, and where there is snow, its well packed. no need for spikes or snowshoes. The ridge over to Cupid is a little snowier, but we had no problem there either. For the skiers, Daves Wave is in, but pretty thin near the top in the gully, and there is a really nasty crust lower down... assuming from some rain last night. 
Route: NW Ridge from Loveland Pass
Posted On: 2015-03-01, By: stevevets689
Info: Typical winter conditions. Did not need or use snowshoes or microspikes. There were only a couple spots of hard, windpacked snow and we were all able to kick our boots in enough for traction. The cornices are thinking about getting big, with one in particular on the Grizzly side of "Cupid" that looked huge - stay away from them and the route is safe regardless of avalanche conditions. It was snowing on our way out, but it's been snowing a lot lately so I don't believe conditions will have changed much. I created GPS waypoints for the car, as well as the point on the Continental Divide that you first access from Loveland Pass. These were useful on our hike out when the storm moved in. 

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