"Old Baldy"  
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Route: Via Arapaho Glacier trail
Posted On: 2021-01-31, By: Tornadoman
Info: Hiked Old Baldy today from the Sourdough TH (the winter closure gate to the Rainbow Lakes TH has numerous no parking signs, although it might be ok to park on the road, not sure). Road was a combination of well packed snow and dry road to the Rainbow Lakes summer trailhead. From there, I put in a trench with snowshoes up the Arapaho Glacier trail to treeline. Mostly 6-12 inches of snow, although a few short sections of deep snow. A lost the trail several times from 10,500 to treeline, and just wallowed uphill. I was planning to bail around treeline, but the weather was great with next to no wind. Mostly bare trail above treeline, with maybe 10-20% covered by a minor bit of snow. Didn't use traction, but a pole was nice as the snow was fairly hard/icy in spots. Followed the trail to roughly the base of Old Baldy and directly ascended to summit. Long day, from parking area 19-20 miles round trip. Also had a fairly curious? moose on the road on the ascent. 
Route: Old Baldy and S. Arapaho Peak Combo
Posted On: 2020-07-26, By: kingshimmers
Info: Trail was mostly dry (or easy to stay dry steeping on rocks) except for the boggy area right after you split off from the Arapaho Pass trail and get on the Arapaho Glacier trail. When you hit the big muddy section of the marsh, the trail appears to go straight but there also doesn't appear to be a great way through. Instead of crossing straight, look slightly to the right and you'll see where the trail *actually* continues. To get there, go right and circle around the south/east edge of the marsh using the well-placed stones to avoid stepping in the soggy mud water. Using that path and staying on the stones is a win-win: dry feet and no social trails! 
Route: Old Baldy and S. Arapaho Peak Combo
Posted On: 2019-07-26, By: LetsGoMets
Info: Summer summer summer. 
Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2019-06-17, By: drop_bear
Info: FS road approach had mostly avoidable snow, with large sections where it was basically a stream. Large snow fields right at tree line, but it stayed pretty consolidated through the afternoon. Above that, the little bit of snow is mostly avoidable and is a nice tundra walk. Made for a more typical late June mountain ascent. Don't plan on having dry shoes, but an enjoyable change of pace from all the snow we've had. 
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Route: Old Baldy and S. Arapaho Peak Combo
Posted On: 2017-08-28, By: FranklinFiles
Info: Near the Trailhead the road requires high clearance, but not 4WD. Only did Old Baldy. Trails were excellent and dry, aside from the marshes. No trails to summit, so walked on rocks. Even with an 11am start, full sun until summit, and partially cloudy around 3. Sprinkles of rain around 4:30. Warm all day, mild chill at the summit and under clouds. Could not have asked for better conditions. 
Route: Old Baldy and S. Arapaho Peak Combo
Posted On: 2016-07-25, By: sdicenso
Info: The road is good to the TH, but rough. Used 4WD on the way down. The trail is good until the saddle. We only did Old Baldy. No trail from the saddle, but head straight up to the right, trying to stay on the rocks, to avoid walking on tundra. Get an early start. We started about 6:30. It started getting windy and clouds were building around 11. So we managed to turn some people around. But you will see a lot of late hikers lower down, hopefully not looking to summit. 
Route: Old Baldy and S. Arapaho Peak Combo
Posted On: 2016-06-11, By: jasayrevt
Info: Clear and very nice trip to the summit. Great, beautiful mountain. Prime Conditions up high for outdoor recreation. There is not a lot of snow left. Trail runners were good. Had Ice Axe and Traction. But, didn't need. Stayed in pack. Travel safely / swiftly 
Route: SW approach, from 4th of July
Posted On: 2014-06-01, By: d_baker
Info: 4th of July TH is clear and mostly reasonable to access. Some passenger cars up there today, but there‘s a few mud pits along the road. Summertime trail to 4th of July mine is hit and miss to follow. Mostly snow covered the entire way, with various tracks one can follow, but well tracked and supportable. We didn‘t need snowshoes. Pic 1: Skywalker couloir on S Arapaho (climbers are reporting good conditions, but could vary w/temp swings) Pic 2: Neva (note the 4th of July mine in lower l. hand corner of picture -- dirt spot) Pic 3: S & N Arapaho (l. to r.) Pic 4: Jasper‘s NE face (12,923‘) 

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