"Peak G"  
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Route: Ripsaw
Posted On: 2021-09-27, By: tdawg012
Info: Some minor snow patches on north facing slopes of ripsaw ridge but not bad. Peak G has prime views of Bubble lake and the surrounding peaks....perhaps the most dramatic of which is the Spider and Fly when descending off of "H." 
Route: Upper Piney
Posted On: 2021-06-27, By: Jorts
Info: Snow avoidable. 
Route: Minuscule Ripsaw
Posted On: 2018-07-08, By: d_baker
Info: Backpacked into Upper Piney (before Long Lake and well before Upper Piney Lake), about 4.5 miles in. BRING your best mosquito killer skills. Ascended ~2400' gully that leads to saddle with Black BM and Pk H and then ran ridge NW (very small portion of Ripsaw) to get to summit of Pk G, hitting Black BM along the way. Descended gully between Pk F and Pk G. All dry conditions on this side of Ripsaw run. The NE side of ridge has the usual snow in and around Bubble Lakes, etc., from what we could see. Upper portions of Powell had snow fields but not sure if avoidable or not. One guy we talked to coming out on Thursday said he was in Bubble Lakes and he used and needed his ice axe and crampons when he descended Kneeknocker and for the climbs he did, all accessed from Bubble Lakes side. (I think he did D, E, and maybe F.) Piney trail (after Kneeknocker turnoff) has a lot more down trees than I remember from being there 6 years ago. 

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