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Route: Loop: Kuss > Mosquito > Treasurevault
Posted On: 2021-10-30, By: Carl_Healy
Info: Sorry to have missed the welcomer today, but had a good day in the Mosquito Range nonetheless! Condition notes common to overall route (London Mountain West Ridge + Kuss -> Mosquito -> Treasurevault Loop): Brought microspikes, but didn't use them the entire route. There is definitely snow there, but for the most part it can be avoided and when it can't you're doing some short 4-6” postholes or when hardened the snowfield section is too short to make putting spikes on worth it. Beautiful weather. A lot of the route there was no wind but when it was there it was measured as only 10-15 mph and briefly 20-25 mph at worst. Temperatures measured high 20s to start with but got all the way into the low 40s on the ridges and summits later in the day. Condition notes specifically for the Treasurevault (and descent) part of the route: Heading down from Mosquito to the Mosquito-Treasurevault saddle was the trickiest part all day. We could tell the slope is steep and pretty loose when dry, and for the most part the snow stabilized it all, but closer to the saddle the snow got thinner and the slope got steeper so we had to carefully switchback (snow here was too soft anyway for microspikes). The final ascent up to Treasurevault was then dry and straightforward. Some snow fields we did some short and shallow postholing through on the ridge on the way to Tweto from there. Descending into that basin below Tweto the snowfields got pretty shallow or avoidable. 4WD road back to trailhead was dry for the most part but has some snow in spots. 
Route: Loop: Kuss > Mosquito > Treasurevault
Posted On: 2021-10-24, By: CheapCigarMan
Info: No flotation or traction needed. 
Route: Loop: Kuss > Mosquito > Treasurevault
Posted On: 2021-07-10, By: dwoodward13
Info: London->Kuss->Mosquito->Treasurevault->Tweto loop is in full summer conditions. 
Route: Loop: Kuss > Mosquito > Treasurevault
Posted On: 2020-12-05, By: jbealer
Info: 4wd road was snow covered in places but we were able to drive to the parking spots in front of the true off road part of mosquito pass. We took the summer trail up to Tweto wearing spikes, left ice axes and snowshoes in the car. We were passed by some guys later on that broke the rest of the trail, thanks! We followed their tracks and cut up tweto before the gully/saddle section. It was steep, deep snow in stops with loose rocks, 2 of us had poles, 1 nothing, she wished she had her axe with her for support. Those guys headed to Arkansas and we didn't see them again. We continued on to treasurevault, mosquito and kuss, making a loop. The ridge was a mix of rock and deep snow patches that were not supportive. We discussed if snow shoes would have helped and decided based on the bare sections we would have been putting them on and off all day or scraping them on the rock. We suffered with the postholing. Spikes stayed on all day, could have used the axe on a few snow fields. The descent off Kuss held some of the deepest snow all day, be careful of the hiding rock, mosquito Pass Road off Kuss was covered in more snow then expected, we stuck to the outside edge where it was less deep. Overall not bad for Dec, lacking snow for sure, but enough to make everything extra work. Get it while you can! 
Route: Loop: Kuss > Mosquito > Treasurevault
Posted On: 2020-07-03, By: wildlobo71
Info: Road is clear to the London Mine TH; it's got some depth of running water in places and is more suited for a good 4WD vehicle with clearance. Hiked London Mountain to the saddle of Tweto/Treasurevault before weather came in. Entire loop is clear of snow on trail - lots of good cornices remain and some snowfields but the exit basin between Tweto and Treasurevault is clean of snow, but wet. Enjoy! 
Route: Loop: Kuss > Mosquito > Treasurevault
Posted On: 2020-01-05, By: WildWanderer
Info: Descent to saddle from Mosquito had about 6 inches of snow covering unstable scree. I stuck to the ridge, wearing snowshoes. Snow on ridge was consolidated. Descent from Treasurevault towards Mt Tweto and down the basin had considerably less snow than when I was here last month. Snowshoes were overkill for about a mile of the route down but I wore them anyway to avoid taking them off and putting them back on again. Snowshoes were helpful and I was glad I wore them. 
Route: Loop: Kuss > Mosquito > Treasurevault
Posted On: 2019-10-01, By: supranihilest
Info: By far the easiest peak of the Kuss/Mosquito/Treasurevault loop. Descend Mosquito's steep and extremely loose (sometimes practically skiing through scree) north slopes to the saddle. Gawk at the old mining equipment here. Then continue north up Treasurevault's also-loose-but-not-as-bad slopes. You'll see there are a lot of trails snaking and twisting up the slopes, just link whatever you want or go direct, it's about the same amount of effort either way. In fact, sometimes the trails are more loose due to the amount of scree vs the talus everywhere else. 
Route: from Mosquito Pass
Posted On: 2016-03-05, By: screeman57
Info: Mosquito Pass is currently accessible from the Leadville side. Groomed from the winter closure to the plateau before the first switchback (12,400). Patchy snow beyond that, with 2 large snowslopes that are easily avoidable. Once at the pass, the ridge is completely windblown in both directions. 
Route: Loop: Kuss > Mosquito > Treasurevault
Posted On: 2015-06-28, By: Greenhouseguy
Info: Snow entirely avoidable. 
Route: Mosquito Pass
Posted On: 2011-09-19, By: IHikeLikeAGirl
Info: Did Repeater, Mosquito, and Treasurevault from the pass. A few inches of snow made the talus a bit slick. Descending Mosquito took some care, but no traction or ice axe was needed. Came back along a mining road (skirting the summits). Some snow and mud on road, but a pleasant hike with great views. Came up Mosquito Pass Road from the east. Road only had a dusting of snow and little ice on it near the top. Went up in a Ford Ranger with good clearance and tires. Could not have made it in my Jeep Liberty. Were a few small boulders on the road, but was able to squeeze by. At least 4 other vehicles and 2 ATVs made it up as well (all with high clearance). 

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