Mt. Evans B  
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Route: W Slopes/N Ridge
Posted On: 2015-03-22, By: BagginPeaks
Info: The beauty of Leadville is that you can casually wake up and decide to go climb a nearby peak. Drove up County Road 7 all the way to the mine, passed the normal winter parking for MOsquito Pass. Road is fully snow covered and it was a little squirly in my truck even in 4wd. I was worried about leaving after the snow was baked by the sun for hours but I had no issues. (Photo 1 is a view from where I parked). Followed the snowmobile track on Mosquito Pass up to where the slope begins and from there I just climbed straight up, staying left of the power lines. (Photo 2 shows the crux slope from a distance, and Photo 3 is a view of Evans as I started up the crux slope). Snow was bomber and would have been ideal for cramponing but it was not steep enough and with my trekking poles and hard planting of my feet I felt safe climbing the slope without traction). Was very windy on the ridge and snow was patchy and mostly avoidable up to the summit. (Photos 4 and 5 show the summit and ridge). 
Route: Mosquito Pass
Posted On: 2011-09-19, By: IHikeLikeAGirl
Info: A couple inches of snow, but not a hindrance. Just need to watch your step with all the wires, cables, and barbed wire on the ground. Came up Mosquito Pass Road from the east. Road only had a dusting of snow and little ice on it near the top. Went up in a Ford Ranger with good clearance and tires. Could not have made it in my Jeep Liberty. Were a few small boulders on the road, but was able to squeeze by. At least 4 other vehicles and 2 ATVs made it up as well (all with high clearance). 

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