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Route: Southeast Ridge
Posted On: 2022-06-10, By: mfoxwort
Info: The trail was dry with patches of snow that were easy to avoid. Peak is dry and windy. 
Route: Southeast Ridge
Posted On: 2022-04-23, By: csf-lhiver
Info: Windy Couldn't see the mountain except for at moments when the clouds broke. Went in only a bit and skied down one hump. Besides the conditions of today, there is enough snow to make it a descent ski descent. 4WD with all weather tires work fine to the trailhead If anyone happens to find a yellow Ortovox Stay In Sheep hat at some point on their adventure out there let me know.... mine managed to get blown off my head without noticing until much later 
Route: Southeast Ridge
Posted On: 2022-02-19, By: ekalina
Info: Route is mostly windblown. Encountered two snowfields in route to the summit, but they were of little consequence. Until the next storm, snowshoes aren't needed if you are ok with a few instances of postholing near treeline in the first 1/2 mile. 
Route: Southeast Ridge
Posted On: 2022-02-13, By: gluckhikes
Info: No flotation or traction needed, but I did find a couple opportunities to posthole around treeline. Most of the snow is hard packed and windblown, even in the brief section of willows. Very little snow near the summit due to oppressive winds. 
Route: Southeast Ridge
Posted On: 2022-01-15, By: Carl_Healy
Info: Pretty easy day. Some deepish snow through tree line that had some drifted boot pack through, though snow shoes were certainly nice to have. Snow was relatively thin above treeline and where it wasn't the snow was wind hardened and not punchy. Stashed snow shoes maybe 200' above treeline around some thin willows. You won't need them past unless the snow gets softer on a warm day. Summit dry. More than a few people on the mountain today. Snowmobiles too. 
Route: Southeast Ridge
Posted On: 2022-01-09, By: Brittanyjomad
Info: Hiked 1.5 miles up- just shy of first false summit. Used snowshoes the entire way and needed them. Followed the ski tracks which started a bit to the right of the true trail and highly recommend that, If it's an option as through the trees in the “true trail” was knee deep with snow shoes 
Route: Southeast Ridge
Posted On: 2021-12-06, By: mncgray
Info: Great day on Pennsylvania - hiking boots is all you needed. And some wind gear of course, though not too bad. I saw cougar post - yes False Summit cairn is gone…whats up with that? 
Route: Southeast Ridge
Posted On: 2021-12-04, By: cougar
Info: Started from Pika trailhead and trail. Roads to trailhead and parking area have some ice but not too bad. Icy bootpack in the trail on trees, spikes would help but I got by with poles. Not so obvious how to get from this trail to main one but not hard either, a few faint trails go through the willows. Most of the route above treeline is dry. One snowfield of note about halfway up, good frozen tracks and firm otherwise. The big cairn at the false summit has been demolished. Most all of the nearby peaks are dry to bone dry, one exception seemed to be Dyer which has a thin snowy coat. Peaks to the west gradually had more patches of snow. 
Route: Southeast Ridge
Posted On: 2021-09-13, By: streetyz
Info: Tundra stroll. Lots of grasshoppers! Great conditions, fall colors starting to appear. 
Route: CR 1 TH
Posted On: 2021-06-09, By: mtngoatwithstyle
Info: Only a few snowfields to cross on the way to the false summit but other than that dry. Summit cairn is also surrounded by a snowfield. Crossed the snowfields on the way up with microspikes but on the way down walked them across. Very quiet day, saw a fox, a couple of bighorn sheep and met a couple of hikers who said a mountain goat had chased them, but we never came across him/her. Fun day above treeline. 
Route: SE Ridge
Posted On: 2021-05-23, By: -wren-
Info: Wind and several inches of snow have made this route a different scene than it was last report. Trailhead is no problem at all, no snow and just rough-ish 2wd. Getting out of treeline I was postholing to my mid thigh or hips every 50 steps or so, at 5:20 am. Beyond there, I had snow to deal with the whole way, but never more than low calf deep. Coming down was a different story as this ridge is getting wind loaded HARD today. My tracks above treeline were completely covered and there was at least another 4 inches of snow, including on the sides of the ridge, not just the crest. The forecast calls for wind in the same direction all day so expect it to get deeper. 
Route: Southeast ridge trail
Posted On: 2021-05-15, By: Brittanyjomad
Info: Hiked this on 5/11. Started at 7:30 am and made it to the summit at 9:00 am. No trail at all after the few inches of fresh snow that came in the night before. We followed the map on All Trails the entire way; although once through the trees it was very easy to see the route up. Back to the car at 10:00. We used snowshoes the entire way up/down, but if there had not been fresh snow would not have been needed at all. 
Route: Southeast Ridge from Pennsylvania TH
Posted On: 2021-05-12, By: joannalee07
Info: We hiked this route on 5/11. We started at 7:30 am and made it to the summit at 9:00 am. We wore snowshoes the entire time and there was no visible trail after the fresh snow from the night before. Since the route on here wasn't downloadable we used the downloaded AllTrails map to navigate; although once through the trees it was very easy to see the route up and the first false summit. We were back to the car at 10:00am, a quick 2.5 hour hike even with snowshoes and fresh snow. After a few nice days in the upcoming week you probably won't need snowshoes after the initial short tree section! The 2 false summits are a killer but it is an easy hike and an easily route to follow straight to the top! For anyone interested I wrote a blog post about our hike of this 13er: 
Route: As listed on the .com
Posted On: 2021-05-02, By: MaryinColorado
Info: Still plenty of snow to cross along the entire route. Solid snow cover until past treeline, and then plenty of large snow fields from there until summit but manageable. Didn't find it difficult on ascent and started early enough that the snow was still pretty solid. Easy enough to follow dry patches from false summit to summit for a bit of reprieve from the snow. As anticipated, snow turned to mashed potatoes in the warmth of the day. We plunge-stepped on descent through the snow fields. Once we reached the bottom of the last remaining slope, one of us put on snowshoes and found that to be very helpful. Myself and one other also had snowshoes but were more stubborn and didn't put them on. Earned a lot of postholing points. Would recommend not being stubborn. Note: conditions are likely to change quickly since that area was forecasted to get more snow this weekend. 
Route: Pennsylvania Mountain Trailhead
Posted On: 2021-04-12, By: weakenedwarrior
Info: Fairly dry. Skinned up but had to take the skis off quite a few times. Was able to ski most of the way down with some creativity. 
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Route: Right hook
Posted On: 2021-04-11, By: +Gravy
Info: Sastrugi wonderland. After hitting 12,500 can allllmost avoid the snow altogether if that's your priority (but will gain length), but what there is, is some sassy sastrugi. Turning to corn down low by afternoon. No spikes or flotation necessary but would be nice if load is above about 150lbs. Can almost glissade the little bowl. 
Route: South Slopes
Posted On: 2021-03-19, By: dolfh
Info: Slippery drive up to Pennsylvania Mtn Trailhead. Postholing on the flat part at the beginning of the route. 1-2 feet of snow on the easy slopes leading to the summit. 
Route: Pennsylvania Mountain Trailhead
Posted On: 2021-03-02, By: daway8
Info: A couple tidbits to supplement recent reports: road to Pennsylvania Mountain Trailhead is a bit of a maze through plowed dirt roads - slush covered turns are pretty slick. Ample dedicated parking at the TH. Trail starts obvious and well packed but then lots of social trails go everywhere - just aim for the long slope upwards. I put on snowshoes on the way up, coming back decided to make do without but frequently postholed to my knees or more. Stayed climbers left the whole way up which meant going over a couple humps I didn't need to but had good views. Easily done in the afternoon in 2hr 41min - great peak for when you just have a little time available. Adding several photos. 
Route: From Pennsylvania TH
Posted On: 2021-03-01, By: WildWanderer
Info: Quick hike before work this morning. Snowshoes helpful through the trees/willows to treeline, then no traction needed. I saw a herd of elk on the plateau. 2 hours round trip. Beautiful morning to be out! 
Route: From Pika TH
Posted On: 2021-02-22, By: Trotter
Info: I was hoping to poach the trench left by the last group, but was super disappointed. The recent snow with the wind, blew into all the trenches and I was frequently thigh deep in powder below treeline even in snowshoes. Constantly lost the trench and trail, and made a bunch of detours. I suspect whoever follows my trench will be confused. The good news is there is now my meandering trench through 1-3 feet of powder below treeline. Its pretty windblown once you leave the willows. I dropped snowshoes about halfway through willows and was glad, you can link together the bare spots pretty easily. No traction needed for me. They were plowing the roads to the TH while I was there, its pretty slick and terrible if you try the roads before they plow them. Like 4WD and snow tires mandatory. So don't go immediately after a snow. PS. Barely enough snow to ski below treeline. Lots of stumps and rocks. No way above willows 

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