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Route: Northeast ramp
Posted On: 2022-01-30, By: blazintoes
Info: DadMike and I think this climb was harder than Jagged in winter, or we're getting soft in our old age. However this climb with this team was absolutely amazing. Mike trenched the week prior and came out with no summit so Justin and I backpacked in Friday afternoon from Silverton via train tracks then onto Elk Creek and to the beaver ponds. Mike arrived at 0500 Saturday to again day trip. We got to Arrows ramp by 0800, had a gear change and entered the ramp at the hourglass to find pretty good crampon snow. We stopped at the bergschrund 100' up to discuss snow quality and all agreed it was good. The ramp faces northeast but gets morning sun because of its parabolic curve. The ramp is steep and steepens the higher you go. The snow was supportive yet sticky with sections of bullet proof and thin over layers of rock and slab. We climbed the snowy ramp ~1500 and veered right to access the class 4/5 rocky ramp with its thin layer of snow. The first rock climbing section was heady and we all decided we would rappel that on the descent. The north ramp was more involved than Mike and I remember from our summer climbs. There are two dihedrals with the first more slabby and the second more 5th class. The final section eased back to 4th class. The summit was stunning! We 3 were a bit shell shocked and spotted each other's descent choice then got to the final point of the ridge and set up a natural protection anchor then rapped 100' back to the snow ramp. We front pointed the first 500' then plunge stepped the rest. Mikes approach to Vestal basin was on point and follows the path of least resistance but this is still a gnarly approach and has several avy traps along the 11,000' contour. We wore avy beacons. Also the approach along Elk Creek has a couple avy prone sections at 2 miles and also a couple downed trees. Overall this was a wonderful climb with a great team and we sure hope those LiDAR maps are telling the truth. 
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Route: Northeast Face
Posted On: 2021-09-03, By: JasonKline
Info: Entire route from Vestal Basin is free of snow and ice. It's starting to get chilly at night. The Colorado Trail is in great shape, but there's decent deadfall from the Colorado Trail to Vestal Basin. 
Route: NE Face
Posted On: 2021-07-05, By: Laxer04
Info: Summer conditions. No snow on route whatsoever. NE Face route is well cairned and easy to follow. There must have been 20+ people on Wham, just a few others on Arrow. The trail to Vestal Basin from the Colorado Trail is in rough shape. Countless downed trees, rugged terrain 
Route: Northeast Face
Posted On: 2020-10-04, By: Eli Watson
Info: Summited Arrow Pk, Vestal Pk, "West Trinity", Trinity Pk & "East Trinity" from Molas Lake TH on 2020-10-03. Followed Roach's description of "AVWTE Combo - Trinitas (29.9)" in Thirteeners with the addition of Wham Ridge Direct start to ascend Vestal. Overall, air quality wasn't great but it wasn't awful. Definitely put a damper on my photographs. Molas Lake to Elk Park Trail to Vestal Creek Trail approach: No snow. All stream crossings are mellow. Arrow Pk NE Face: Bone dry. No snow whatsoever. Vestal Pk Wham Ridge Direct start: Mostly dry. There is some snow to contend with higher up on the face, mostly on ledges above the crux. Careful placement of feet makes it very manageable. The direct start is not 5.3, as reported by Roach. It's easy slab walking for the most part if you have good grip on your shoes. I put on my rock shoes at the Ledge at start of the standard Wham Ridge route, but I could have waited a bit longer. There are a couple places off on climbers' right of the ridge crest that you can step off and relax. Vestal Pk S Face: Bone dry. No snow whatsoever. "West Trinity" W Ridge: Bone dry. No snow whatsoever. Trinity Pk W Ridge: Bone dry. No snow whatsoever. Trinity Pk E Ridge Gully: Bone dry. No snow whatsoever. "East Trinity" W Gully: Some snow. Avoidable for the most, especially if you're like me and hate dry, loose gullies so you stick to the rocks just to the left of the gully. Crossing over the gully to the ridge, there is some snow that I had to make a very committed move to avoid. Sketchiest move of the day, Wham Ridge included. "East Trinity" E Ridge: May or may not have spent a full 2 hours trying to find the line down "East Trinity" in the dark. I don't actually know which descent line is the route. It was dark and I was figuring things out on the fly on the descent. The N Face of "East Trinity" is holding snow, and the broad gully directly below the elbow of the N Ridge to Peak 3 looked like a no-go. First I turned east towards Storm King Pk on accident, then had to navigate the steep slopes down the N Ridge of "East Trinity". None of the lines west off the "East Trinity" - Peak 3 notches looked promising. Seriously considered re-summiting, descending the S Gully between "East Trinity" and Trinity Pk and curling back around to the Arrow-Vestal saddle to avoid putting myself in a dangerous position on that loose shale. I hate shale. Finally collected myself, and butt-slid down a bunch of loose scree that I think was the line. Splits: Molas Lake TH 3:47 AM Animas River bridge 5:19 AM Vestal Creek Trail 6:30 AM Vestal Basin and turn-off for Arrow Pk 8:21 AM Stashing pack in talus below Arrow Pk 8:49 AM Arrow Pk summit 10:31 AM Retrieve pack 11:45 AM Wham Direct start 12:31 PM Vestal Pk summit 2:34 PM "West Trinity" summit 5:33 PM Trinity Pk summit 6:35 PM "East Trinity" summit: 7:55 PM (2 hours of being super sketched out figuring out how to get off "East Trinity") Re-join Vestal Creek Trail at turn-off towards Arrow Pk 2:34 AM Elk Creek Trail 3:35 AM Animas River bridge 4:19 AM Molas Lake TH 6:38 AM Roach says it's 23.4 mi, 10.4k vert Strava said 29.4 mi, 17k vert Another app says 32.9 mi, 13.1k vert Take your pick, it was a big day. 
Route: Northeast Face
Posted On: 2020-08-18, By: supranihilest
Info: Trail from Molas Pass to the D&SNGRR tracks and then to Elk Creek Trailhead is in great shape. Once heading up Elk Creek there are three avalanche debris piles, each one getting larger as you go upstream. There are plastic flags to follow through the debris. Past that there's plenty of deadfall all the way up to Vestal Basin. Arrow's northeast face is dry and easier than it looks, just go up the massive ramp on either slab or on loose trail segments. Near the top the scrambling begins and there's plenty of cairns to follow to the summit at Class 3. Do not try to go down Arrow's south face, it's vertical or nearly vertical. 
Route: NE Face
Posted On: 2019-09-10, By: angry
Info: Little break in the rain allowed a summit. Route is in great shape other than wet slabs on the descent and willows that will soak your clothing. 
Route: Standard
Posted On: 2018-07-20, By: illusion7il
Info: Back down and up Molas pass again today. Once you make the transition to the 2nd ramp carins mark the way making route finding a breeze. No summit register. No people. I kept looking over for people on the wham and none there either. Not even a tent in the area. Weather went pretty much as forecasted. Hit the summit at 9 under mostly cloudy skies, partly sunny at 10, dark clouds at 11, thunder at noon and storms at 2pm. 
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Route: Standard
Posted On: 2018-06-07, By: brerrabbit
Info: Did Vestal and Arrow from Molas Pass. A few downed trees on the route but not as bad as expected from TRs. No snow crossing is required, my partner did use her axe for a glissade down the Vestal-Arrow saddle but I took some scree and it was manageable. Ice axe and microspikes are not required as I never used mine. There is snow in both the couloirs for the upper Arrow route but the rib goes nicely. 
Route: Standard
Posted On: 2016-09-10, By: TravelingMatt
Info: See report for Vestal for approach to base of mountain. Pic shows route up Arrow. After entering the upper ramp after the split, the route is sustained Class 3 on solid rock and marked with cairns. Once gaining the north ridge, a cairned route stays below the ridge and leads to the east ridge and finally the summit. I rate this route stiff Class 3, but definitely 3 and not 4. 
Route: Standard
Posted On: 2013-07-17, By: metalmountain
Info: We had plans for the grand slam in Vestal, but the constant unstable weather had us worried. So we got Arrow and called it good. The monsoons have loosened up a lot of stuff. The route up Arrow is solid (especially if you make sure to stick to the slabs) until you make for the summit on the ridge. We had a large rock start rolling down the hill with less than body weight pressure. It was right in the middle of the easiest path and about 50 feet below the summit. No doubt it would do more than simply ruin your day if you were below it when it went. I was lucky that it wedged itself on a small rock before it gained too much momentum as it headed my direction. We spent some time up at the lake below the Trinities and heard numerous LARGE rock falls in that area as well. Vestal could be heard as well throughout the day shedding rocks off the loose protions as well. In short, watch yourself down there. Especially while the rains continue. 

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