Whitecross Mountain  
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Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2021-10-18, By: Grover
Info: Reached the summit of Whitecross Mtn. on Sunday from Grizzly Gulch TH. Only tracks in the snow when I started up the trail were that of a large elk. Two others came up into the basin, and this helped pack down the trail a little bit more. Snow is persistent in the trees and continued to get heavier up in to the basin (6" +). Due to the amount of snow in the basin (and thus on the standard trail), I made a b-line from ~12,100' up the steep, but lightly snow covered east slopes to gain the ridge leading to the summit. I topped out on the ridge and just had a simple hike to the summit blocks. Highly suggested gear: Spikes and gaiters. I wore them both and appreciated having them from the start. 
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Route: South facing gully from grizzly gulch TH
Posted On: 2021-05-23, By: VeraUndertow
Info: Started from Grizzly Gulch TH around 5:15 this morning, booting up the wet trail for the first mile or so before switching to skinning. There is a clearing in the trees from an avy run out I crossed thru the next patch of trees before heading up the gully I ascended. This gully stays right around 30 degrees and was great for booting up with crampons, tho I probably could have made it up without since I was stepping ankle deep most of the way. The gully starts around 11,800 and finished at 13,300 so it was mostly the whole climb. It seemed pertinent to climb the gully to stay off the ridge and out of the wind as much as possible. Once up on the summit ridge the wind was very gusty and was blowing me around. The only sketch section was the final traverse to the true summit from the ridge which was a narrow band of snow with steep drop offs on both directions and 40mph gusts coming thru so I waited for the wind to taper off and walked quickly but safely across. Transitioned and skied down the south east face although the gully I climbed or a south west line would be better ski descents if this peak is your only objective. I skied down to 12,500 and met up with the trail for handies east face which I will post conditions for as well 
Route: Southwest Ridge via Grizzly Gulch
Posted On: 2020-10-18, By: supranihilest
Info: A really neat peak that's worth the extra effort if doing Handies from Grizzly Gulch. Simply take the Grizzly Gulch trail until it's near the Handies/Whitecross saddle then leave the trail, go to the saddle, and take the ridge up Whitecross. It's all Class 2 and shifts between numerous types of rocks, ending in blobby granite on the beautiful summit. Views are incredible and you will probably find numerous geodes and shiny, crystaline rocks on the ascent. Descending back to the trail is probably the fastest and easiest option. 
Route: SE Slopes
Posted On: 2020-07-12, By: E_A_Marcus_949
Info: Ascended SE slopes (I think - went 13er style and 'off route' a bit) off the Grizzly Gulch trail heading up to Handies. One snowfield you can avoid on the ridge. Beautiful flowers. Went down the ridge headed toward Handies, which almost parallels the trail in the basin just at 12k+ feet. Met up with the Handies trail in the rock section around 12,800.. Fun scrambling to reach the summit of Whitecross. 
Route: Grizzly Gulch/Campbell Creek
Posted On: 2018-08-18, By: JasonKline
Info: Summer conditions. Totally dry. 
Route: Southwest Ridge from Grizzly Gulch
Posted On: 2016-07-10, By: Tony1
Info: Completely dry all the way to the summit. 

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