San Joaquin Ridge  
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Route: South slopes from Ophir
Posted On: 2022-06-27, By: SnowAlien
Info: Heavy rain overnight and peaks got snow above 13k. I took the long mining road up SJR to avoid wet grass. Once the mining road ended, I was forced to take the snow covered scree, which was tedious. Summit has a tube, but no register. Weather was holding up, so I continued to Silver pk B. 
Route: West Ridge from Silver Mountain B
Posted On: 2021-09-17, By: supranihilest
Info: One of my least favorite peaks owing to the extremely junky nature of the rock. From Silver Mountain B head east to a saddle between a small ridge bump and a much larger ridge bump. On maps this larger bump is spot elevation 13,463. Don't ascend 13,463, it's eastern end is a sheer cliff. Instead drop north down steep, horrible talus (Class 2+) and scree onto a bench and take this bench as it curves east (Class 2). Don't ascend too high as the slopes are terrible. Stay low until you're at the saddle with spot elevation 13,446, which is San Joaquin's false summit. Climbing the ridge directly would entail some crappy scrambling on loose rock, so I went around to the south side and scrambled up some of the worst junk of my life. This stuff was only Class 2+ but loser than hell. The northern side of the ridge may be better, it looked like there was a small gap to sneak through atop the ridge, same crap rock though. Point 13,446 is NOT the summit! The summit marker and coordinates on this site are wrong! The actual summit is farther east at 37.8768°N, 107.8083°W. From Point 13,446 it's Class 2 to the true summit. 
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