"S 6"  
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Route: Southwest Couloir
Posted On: 2021-09-13, By: supranihilest
Info: Starting from Deep Creek trailhead we took the Deep Creek trail to Whipple trail to Iron Mountain trail. The trail switchbacks in some seemingly odd places, so pay attention at switchbacks and trail junctions. The Iron Mountain trail eventually ends near an old mine. Beyond this is a lot of side hilling on annoying talus. In the middle of the basin is a stand of trees which give way to grass, get into these trees as soon as possible then follow the green 'til it's gone. There are a number of couloirs on the south face of "S 6". The first major couloir meets the summit ridge to the west of the summit and the second meets the summit ridge east of the summit. It's the second of these couloirs that is the easiest way to the summit, but on our ascent we accidentally went past it and climbed up some sketchy, extremely loose junk and slabs with hairy, exposed, dirt-covered ledges and other non-trivialities at about Class 3. The climbing wasn't hard but there was no trustworthy rock on this peak and the consequences of pulling off a block or a hold were dire. Eventually we reached the top of the second couloir mentioned above and realized the folly of our route. The southwest couloir on the other hand is merely Class 2+ on loose, moderate angle talus and boulders and atop the couloir it's Class 2+ on more of the same to the small summit. On the photos I marked a large tower at the top of the couloir that makes a good visual guide. On the GPX this couloir is the farther west/farther southwest, straighter line from the summit ridge. 
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