"V 9"  
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Route: North Ridge from Hope Pass
Posted On: 2020-08-24, By: supranihilest
Info: A loose mess of a peak. We started near South Mineral Creek and took the old road that goes up to Hope Pass. The road's a bit overgrown but easy to follow. From the pass head south up a steep and very loose kitty litter dirt and talus slope. Nothing on this slope is solid. Once on the ridge traverse (being mindful of poor rock; the white granite-like stuff is fairly solid, the red stuff is trash) until you're near the summit and you'll encounter a large white/gray rock tower blocking easy access. The west/right side is a sheer drop and scrambling over the top is not really feasible, so skirt it on the east/left. The feet in this section are horrible kitty litter crap but the hands are somewhat OK. Past the tower is the summit bump which can be climbed directly at Class 3 or, since I didn't like how loose it would have been on the descent, you can go west/right around the corner and up junky but less exposed and consequential Class 2+, which can also be used as both ascent and descent if desired. 

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