Hayden Mountain South  
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Route: Richmond Trail
Posted On: 2021-10-02, By: clairekm
Info: Foliage on the Richmond Trail is slightly past peak, but is still amazing. There were a few patches of shallow snow on the trail from the Full Moon Trail split. Almost all of the route from the pass to the summit was covered in snow, but was navigable. I appreciated the elk that had taken the use trail all the way to the summit and made it surprisingly easy to follow the route under the snow. 
Route: Richmond Trail
Posted On: 2020-09-17, By: supranihilest
Info: The Richmond Trail is super steep and unrelenting, something like 1,200 vert per mile the entire way up. Only near Richmond Pass does the trail flatten somewhat. From Richmond Pass there's a couple of use trails up Hayden Mountain South. One stays closer to ridge crest through the rotten towers and rock on the ridge, the other skirts below it to the west. Neither is really better than the other and both are loose. Past the trash on the ridge the ridge broadens a bit and eventually leads into the last few hundred feet of gray chip rock to the summit. This stuff is super junky but there are trails to the summit. Instead of taking the full Richmond Trail back down I took the Full Moon Trail where it meets the Richmond Trail. It fades in and out a bit through some marshy stuff up high but eventually gets nice as it drops down towards the road. It's not a shorter or faster way down. 

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