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Route: Northwest Ridge from Florida Mountain
Posted On: 2020-09-07, By: supranihilest
Info: The ridge from Florida Mountain looks difficult from that vantage but is considerably easier than you'd think. There are three visual obstacles along the way: a large, rounded point with sheer looking backside followed by two sharp towers. The initial half or more of the ridge consists of Class 2 boulder hopping. As you near the rounded point it becomes apparent you can just skirt it on talus and boulders. The backside is indeed sheer but we avoided it entirely by skirting it and then scrambling up a couple of very loose gullies at Class 2+. These gullies are directly under the sharp towers which are smaller than they appear from a distance, and also don't require that you actually get on them at all, just skirt underneath. The remaining ridge is spectacular Class 2+ scrambling on granite boulders and catwalks to the huge summit plateau. We went down the south ridge which is mostly just a super long hike with a few Class 2+ down climbs and plenty of route finding thrown in. Try to aim to come off the ridge directly alongside Lake Marie if possible; the ridge flanks are steep and cliffy but the long southern descent 99% easy. From there meet back up with the Endlich Mesa Trail and go back to camp. 

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