Conejos Peak  
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Route: Rincon and Tobacco Lake Trails
Posted On: 2022-05-31, By: supranihilest
Info: An inch or two of snow overnight Sunday didn't make this peak any more difficult. We started at the Rincon trailhead (unmarked trailhead at the hairpin turn on the road) and after a half mile or so went straight uphill to the Tobacco Lake trail, which we followed to the summit. The trail is obscured by snow at times and there's some deadfall but overall this is a very easy hike. We added on Point 12,555 and went down the Rincon trail. No snow gear was needed despite the fresh snow, and trail runners were fine. 
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Route: Saddle Creek
Posted On: 2021-06-20, By: hr011242
Info: Some snow above 12k. Didn't use traction because the sections were relatively short and mellow. If you elect for a more direct/off trail approach, it's a little swampy right now. Otherwise it's an easy, delightfully uneventful hike! 
Route: Standard
Posted On: 2020-07-31, By: Above_Treeline
Info: I didn't summit but there's not a lot of info about this mountain so I thought I'd do a report. Also tobacco lakes TH doesn't seem to have a listing on here, so that type of info in this report as well. Still some snow up there but I doubt you'd run into it getting to the summit. Looked fairly easy but clouds, rain , and lighting came up about the time we got to the lake, unfortunately. Trail seemed fine for the most part. Like summitpost says, be sure to go right on the less-traveled trail that turns to go up to Tobacco Lake at about 1+ miles. But I didn't for a bit until I realized my mistake and enjoyed the meadows a bit longer it's mostly pretty open there though. We went up from Antonito, via 17 and FS 250 to FS 105. FS 250 is a good gravel road, 20-30+ mph but FS 105 gets worse and the last 2-3 miles are difficult in a 2wd car, took about half an hour on the way down. Clearance would be a big plus and make things easier. We reset the odometer after turning onto 105 per the excellent summitpost page on this peak. Also got a lot of info off the TR here. I'd really recommend looking at both pages. At 4.2 miles go left, 7 miles 2wd parking (sort of, not a real lot) then go about half a mile, past the first parking (?) area + road to left to the one with a sign that has the regular trail more or less from the parking lot. Gorgeous area!!! Hard to get too upset about not summiting after hiking here. Might be a great place to take friends & family who don't want to hike to the summit, not too hard to get to Tobacco Lake, might be able to hang out there.. Also looking at a map you might be able to summit from Twin Peaks TH on the switchback at mile 6 instead of going to Tobacco Lake TH. 
Route: Standard
Posted On: 2014-10-05, By: ChrisinAZ
Info: This is actually for Bennett, Conejos, and Summit peaks in the southern San Juans. Short version: everything‘s still accessible! All three low-clearance 2WD-accessible trailheads (standard on Summit, 11200‘ on Conejos, 1/2 mile below Blowout Pass on Bennett) are attainable in a car, with 99.9% of the roads clear of snow, and the remainder a non-issue that will probably melt in the next few days. Conejos--a bit of snow/mud from the start, and if you go up the Tobacco Lake route, there‘ll be more of it, but generally no more than a few inches. Coming around from the SW, terrain is pretty clear once you hit treeline. Summit--I gave up trying to find the faint trail, and just headed up a grassy gully that was free of snow, then encountered patchy snow 1-3" deep (deeper in a few spots) above there. The south slopes of Summit melted out very noticeably in just half a day, and were mostly snow-free by the time I got there. Spectacular views right now with the snow on surrounding peaks! Bennett--following the road to Blowout Pass and beyond, there‘s minimal snow but a decent bit of mud in spots. The south and west faces are essentially snow-free. Headed straight down from the summit back to the car, which took all of 35 minutes. Overall--there‘s a bit of snow, but not enough to make things a pain. Any snow gear beyond trekking poles would be overkill, and I imagine things will continue to melt out if this sun continues. Nice fall colors at the moment--get down there if you can! 

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