Unnamed 13121  
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Route: From Sunlight Lake
Posted On: 2020-07-19, By: supranihilest
Info: A bit of an out of the way peak. Go up to Sunlight Lake. From the lake go southeast over one of the large granite swells in the area, then down the southeast side of it and into the bowl below Greylock Mountain and Point 13,121. Ascend towards 13,121, and be careful of how craptastic the rock gets. It gets progressively worse as you near the saddle with Greylock until you're on steep ball bearing granite chips. Scramble up terrible quality rock at probably Class 3, being careful not to crumble it in your hands. Switchback up the kitty litter covered ledges to the summit plateau, where things get easier, and then towards the giant granite blocks on the summit. The final scramble to the summit is short and not exposed, probably Class 3-ish. Descend back to the saddle and onto the rest of your day. Photos: 1) most of the day from the granite swell, with Point 13,121 on the left, Greylock in the middle, and "East Windom" on the right. 2) Closer shot. 3) Even closer! 4) Summit boulders, the only solid stuff on the entire mountain. 5) Greylock from the summit. 6) Oops, this stuff is crap. 7) 13,121 from Greylock. NOTE: Since this was ascended a while ago and I'm just now getting back to internet, I've put today's date for visibility, since there hasn't otherwise been recent updates for the peak. I'll backdate this CR in a couple of days. 

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