Unnamed 13109  
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Route: From Whitehead + Point 12,936
Posted On: 2020-09-01, By: supranihilest
Info: There's a drop of several hundred feet from Whitehead to 13,109. While the ascent ridge up 13,109 is easy it gets narrow, exposed, and loose near the top. Be careful in that section. To descend go back to the saddle with Whitehead then south down steep grass. Locate the Whitehead Gulch trail and take it west as it snakes high above the gulch and eventually curves around 13,109's west ridge and begins heading north. Continue following it to the road. Bonus peak, Point 12,936: descend to the Whitehead Gulch trail and instead of going west go east. The trail will curve around the far end of the gulch and eventually ascend to a flat area. Point 12,936 is the ridge-y peak dead ahead. It's Class 2 grass around the backside or Class 2+/Easy Class 3 scree up the black scree gully in the middle. Near the summit the ridge narrows and erodes away into a very narrow (like one step wide) notch with high exposure on both sides. It's one sketchy move and you're across. This summit might have the best views of any in the state. See the photo for the view. Descend once again taking the Whitehead Gulch trail and follow directions above back to the road. 

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