Organ Mountain B  
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Route: From Emerson Mountain/\"Emerson Pass\"
Posted On: 2020-09-08, By: supranihilest
Info: The pass between Emerson Mountain and "Peak Twenty Two" is colloquially called "Emerson Pass". This is the key to getting to Organ Mountain A and Amherst Mountain. From this pass descend steeply east down loose gravel switchbacks until the game/pack trail shoots north. Follow it or one of its offshots as it crosses the spectacular basin south of Organ/southeast of Amherst. The first bit of trail down from the pass is the hardest, the remainder is easy. Aim for the Amherst/Organ saddle, then slip'n'slide your way up the kitty litter gravel on Organ until you're below the intimidating looking summit block. Skirt the summit block slightly and then climb up Class 3 mostly solid granite to just below the summit boulder, which is a huge rectangular-ish block of granite. It's difficult to ascend directly but a couple of adjacent boulders give Class 3 access to its tiny summit. Return the way you came to the Amherst/Organ saddle being mindful of the steep, loose slopes going down. 

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