"S 10"  
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Route: Whipple Trail->Deep Creek Trail->Hayden Peak
Posted On: 2020-08-13, By: supranihilest
Info: We started at the Whipple Trail outside of Telluride. The trail up and over the pass with "S 10"/Point 12,311 (there's some confusion on the name here: on 14ers.com "S 10" is a 13er; on Lists of John, Peakbagger, and in the Roach books it's a 12er, which is why I list both names) and Whipple Mountain is super cruiser. On the other side of the pass there's a ton of deadfall across the trail, slowing things down. Once we reached the Deep Creek Trail we started taking that north and were met with a massive swathe of avalanche debris. We crossed it for a bit and found it dangerous - logs would roll or snap, everything was sharp and slick, there were gaping holes we could have fallen into, etc. We crossed to the western side of the creek and found better terrain. Staying on the western side on our descent was also much better. There was one short section of vertical bushwhacking near a waterfall. We were Class 3ing up it using rock obviously detached from everything, dirt, and small aspen trees. Not a ton of fun. Past the avalanche debris the slope mellows and opens up as it heads up the basin. Make sure you stay to the left basin or you'll end up under "S 7" and Ruffner Mountain instead. We ascended to Hayden Peak's summit first, since it was very easy to do so on grass and talus. From there it's a simple talus hop to the summit of "S 10" (the 14ers.com "S 10", that is). "S 10" is on the right in the photo, taken from Hayden Peak, and the ridge continues to "S 9" and "S 8" (the broad slope). 

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