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Route: Major Creek
Posted On: 2021-12-12, By: angry
Info: Negligible snow. Did not bring traction/flotation and was not needed. No summit register. 
Route: Major Creek
Posted On: 2021-11-14, By: SionaRW35
Info: Basically summer conditions on both Electric & Lakes minus warmth and wildflowers. Left gaiters in car, glad I did. Brought spikes & never even encountered enough snow or ice to have it cross my mind. 
Route: Major Creek
Posted On: 2020-11-20, By: VeraUndertow
Info: Climbed Electric, Lakes, Thirsty, 13123B and Cottonwood. From the trailhead to 10k was mostly dry except for from the first to second creek crossing was sheer ice. After 10k the snow was reasonably supportive at 8:00 am and there was a few footprints going thru it already. Where the trail heads south to start gaining the ridge between Electric and Lakes was covered in snow and north facing so I avoided that part by going up what is probably normally a slide path but was almost entirely dry of snow today. Once I gained the ridge I headed south over the false summit of Electric and up to the true summit. All the snow was avoidable or inconsequential on the whole route from Electric to Cottonwood. Just a lot of mostly stable talus on the west side of the ridge and snow on the east. 
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Route: Major Creek
Posted On: 2020-05-09, By: supranihilest
Info: The Major Creek trail is in great shape and mostly dry. What little snow remains near treeline is rock hard. The route from the Electric/Lakes saddle is steep and a bit loose but not bad. Again, it's all dry. We also did 12er Mount Niehardt, which has a bit of snow and otherwise is easy and dry. Some scrambling on Niehardt but all easy. 
Route: From Ducket Creek
Posted On: 2017-11-19, By: koeffling
Info: 4WD made it up the snowy 337 and 333 road from Ducket Creek TH to a cabin to cut off a little mileage. A few inches of fresh snow in the northern Sangres Friday night. Was glad for gaiters, didn't use traction or floatation. A lot of tree fall from a brutal windstorm on the approach. Past Brush lakes and ridges were mostly windblown with 2-3 inches of snow remaining. We took the summer trail back to the lakes, but a couple more snows and I wouldn't like to be on that slope. 
Route: North West Ridge
Posted On: 2017-10-19, By: desertdog
Info: No snow on the entire route. Once at the saddle, I would gain the ridge rather than traversing the West slope. The ridge is a little narrow at first, but opens up as you get closer to the summit. The approach is a loooonnnngggg way, but the trail is easy to follow. We climbed Lakes Peak too, which added about 45 minutes to the day. 
Route: Major Creek
Posted On: 2017-06-28, By: TravelingMatt
Info: Dry to summit. Someone is selectively cutting the deadfall on this trail. Some of the sawing looks fresh but for some reason they're not cutting everything. Hardest place to follow the trail is through a meadow at the head of the basin around 11,100'. Head for the center/right side of the trees some 500' ahead of you and at about your elevation; the trail hooks around these trees to the right and then slowly ascends the headwall. You can also go up a relatively clear area to the left -- steeper but runs into the trail eventually too. The headwall is grassy but steep, so you want to use the trail. This is a long day; 16+ miles and 5600+ feet just to do Electric. No water or crapper at trailhead. 
Route: Major Creek Trailhead
Posted On: 2016-08-16, By: JasonKline
Info: Summer conditions. The grass is pretty high on the trail at times, but it's in excellent shape otherwise. 
Route: South Ridge via Horsethief Basin
Posted On: 2015-12-23, By: astrobassman
Info: A trench is in place to treeline from Cotton Creek TH. Snow was fairly consolidated on west and south aspects but very deep and unconsolidated on north aspects. Didn‘t make the summit as the weather was pretty bad. 
Route: Major Creek Trail
Posted On: 2014-06-09, By: Steve Knapp
Info: Very little snow on the west side of the northern Sangres. We used Major Creek to climb Electric and Lakes. 16.4 miles and 6600' gain. Trailhead is 2wd car accessible. 

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