"Peak of the Clouds"  
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Route: Spread Eagle South Ridge from Hermit Pass
Posted On: 2022-08-08, By: CheapCigarMan
Info: Beautiful morning. Nice scramble to the summit. Great views of nearby peaks. 
Route: East Ridge from Spread Eagle Peak
Posted On: 2022-01-10, By: supranihilest
Info: Largely straightforward. Descending Spread Eagle is the only spice on these two peaks. The ridge is narrow with some exposure and covered in very slick snow. Microspikes will be useful for the less sure-footed. About halfway down there's a notch where the easiest way down is a few moves of snowy Class 3 down a slab. Holds and rock quality are good. There's a short, exposed traverse after this and then the entire remaining route up "Peak of the Clouds" is Class 2. I returned over Spread Eagle Peak. Flotation not useful between the two peaks (not enough snow). Traction and ice axe not mandatory (I didn't use either) but may be useful depending on comfort level on snowy scrambling with some exposure. 
Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2021-08-10, By: dolfh
Info: Smoke was not much of an issue. The air quality seemed to improve the higher I went. 24 hours after my hike I feel no negative effects. 35 degree slope on loose rock to gain the East Ridge. Hiked up the Swift Creek Trail to Lake of the Clouds. 
Route: Spread Eagle South Ridge from Hermit Pass
Posted On: 2020-09-28, By: mikemalick
Info: There are patches of snow as you drop off Rito's North ridge, but you can avoid just about all of it and the parts you might step on are of no consequence. Stayed close to the main drop ridge line most of the time. No snow at all once off the steepest part of the ridge all the way to Peak of the Clouds. Pic 1 looks back on Rito's North ridge from the saddle with Peak of the Clouds. Pic 2 Peak of the Clouds from Rito's summit. 
Route: Hermit Pass/Megan Lake
Posted On: 2020-09-13, By: angry
Info: From Hermit Pass Road, went up the saddle at ~12,180 ft and dropped down the other side and headed to Megan Lake. Snow varied from 4 inches to 2 feet. From the lake, followed the rock rib to the Spread Eagle/Peak of the Clouds saddle. Saddle to summit consisted of snow covered tundra and rock. Reversed the route on descent which was a soupy mess. Was looking for a short day and this wasn't it ;) It would probably be best to go up either Spread Eagle from Gibson TH or Rito Alto from the Pass first, as this route took much longer than expected. Views were amazing. 
Route: Traverse from Spread Eagle Peak
Posted On: 2020-05-10, By: cloudkicker
Info: The traverse over to Peak of the Clouds from Spread Eagle Peak was 90% dry with the remaining snow being of little difficulty to cross. We took a look down at Megan Lake thinking we'd make it a loop but found a report on Alltrails from three days ago stating miserable waist high postholing the last 1/2 mile to the lake. Looking down at the lake and its head wall seemed to confirm what Alltrails said so we instead made it a long and arduous out and back to and from the Gibson Creek trailhead (Spread Eagle east ridge). Garmin watch clocked 8.5 miles and 5500ft round trip FWIW. 
Route: Via Spread Eagles east ridge
Posted On: 2018-12-10, By: CaptainSuburbia
Info: I'm a little late posting, but conditions should still be same. The steep, rocky descent off Spread Eagle was covered in powdery snow and difficult. Fortunately, there was no ice and microspikes worked well here. You have to watch your step very carefully as you work your way off the summit though. A little ways down there is a notch that you have to climb into that made me real nervous(photo 1 and close-up in photo 2) with one particularly sketchy move and plenty of exposure. It gets much easier after notch. The saddle and unnamed bump were windblown and easy to cross(photo 3). The ridge up to the summit was hard packed snow(photo 4 and 5). It was steep, but I had no problem getting traction with microspikes. I stayed as close to the ridge proper as possible because the interspersed rocks here made me feel safer. The summit area was rockier, but easy to work through(photo 6). The last photo is from summit looking towards Rito Alto. 
Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2016-07-23, By: JasonKline
Info: Snow-free summer conditions. 
Route: via Spread Eagle
Posted On: 2011-06-05, By: IHikeLikeAGirl
Info: Left the Gibson Creek Trail shortly after 10K and landed on the ridge at ~10,800. Took the ridge proper to the summit of Spread Eagle. Ridge to 13524 was pretty much snow free. Spotty snow along parts of the route, but it was either avoidable, short lived, and easy to kick into. We had no need for snowshoes or traction all the way. Pics to come. 

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