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Route: Hermit Pass
Posted On: 2022-07-16, By: denvermikey
Info: Summer conditions. Great short hike. Wildflowers blanketing most of the route. 
Route: Hermit Pass
Posted On: 2022-06-30, By: PeakMiller
Info: Started the morning hiking down from Mt. Adams and thought I would head a few basins north. I had read up on the pass and accepted that it was going to be a long day (adding on 12 extra miles RT). But hey, the weather looked promising. Met a man hiking down from Hermit and Rito Alto. He reminded me that I should start posting on here. Thanks Osprey! The ridge walk from Hermit to Eureka had fun rock and wildflowers the whole way. It was also quite enjoyable to yell "Yahoo!" on top of Yahoo Mtn. (wouldn't you?) On the way down I met a man from Kentucky that was driving up to Horseshoe Lake to do some kayaking. Earlier in the day he had tried his luck on Como Lake Road, but was unsuccessful driving up it, so he opted for Hermit Pass instead. He passed me again on the road down and I asked if anyone was up there when he was kayaking. He said "no one up there cept muskrats". Got down to the car by 7pm making it a 9 hr venture with plenty of type 2 moments. Definitely bringing a MTB next time or a friend with a lift kit... 
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Route: From Hermit Peak
Posted On: 2021-10-17, By: CheapCigarMan
Info: Bluebird day. No wind. Powdered sugar snow. Postholed up to my knees in only a few places. Most of the time was ankle deep or less. Wore microspikes that ended up fine but wish I had crampons and an ice axe. Especially for the first few hundred feet of the descent off Eureka. The summit seems to be the northern one, the first one you get to from Hermit. My GPS put it at 38.07899, -105.64123 which showed it to be 5' - 10' higher than it's northern bump. Spectacular views of the Sangre de Cristos and especially the Crestones, Kit, and Humboldt. Seen and heard the helicopter fly in and out for the recovery mission for Maddie today. Very sobering. 
Route: Eureka Couloir
Posted On: 2021-04-30, By: d_baker
Info: Similar conditions as reported by supra Ben Funkstein. Of note, we drove a little beyond the forest service boundary, to approximately 9400' and parked in a less than ideal pullout for car camping. It worked with rocks under our tires. Slightly beyond this point, there's a boulder in middle of road that we didn't want to try to squeeze by, but others have. Continuous snow starts around 9800' but it's smooth sailing thanks to a groomer and other motorized vehicles that appear to track it during the winter. (Evidence of groomers near treeline along Hermit Pass Rd.) We didn't go to Hermit Lake, and instead stayed on the road, given the track, and turned off at a higher point (11,880') and traversed to upper bench, below the climb. ~3.5hrs to base of climb (@ 6:30ish). ~2hrs in couloir. Descended NW ridge, and then slopes between Hermit and the bump to its S. 11+ mile day, ~4250' gain. Snow conditions on approach firm, didn't use snowshoes until after leaving road, and then again on our de-proach. Conditions in couloir boot top deep, in most places. Hiking boots with strap-ons worked well for the two of us today. Point releases by 11am, with today's temps. Fun climb! Sam measured about 40° near the top. 
Route: Eureka! Couloir
Posted On: 2021-04-10, By: supranihilest
Info: The Eureka! couloir is in perfect shape. Follow Hermit Pass Road to the signed trailhead and then continue straight ahead up a steep headwall. This is the first snow climb on the route and can be avoided by going higher on the road. At the top stay on the lower of two benches, the higher is sidehilly. Gear up at the base of the couloir then fire that sucker! Make a mental map of the couloir before going up, as there are several branches that go nowhere and it snakes around. With exception of the last 50 feet snow on the entire couloir was styrofoam to hard styrofoam, no mushy crap, no ice, no rock hard slab. Plenty of spindrift which has undoubtedly filled my tracks. The upper 50 feet was airy, icy, sugary garbage and hard to get purchase in. Some clawing my way up. I continued on to Hermit, Rito Alto, and 12,671, but you could down climb the couloir. Beware, it's pretty consistent in the 40-something degree range and the top is probably 50+. Gear: I wore trail runners from the bottom of the road to 11,300 feet, then put on boots and snowshoes. I wore snowshoes to the bottom of the couloir then switched to crampons and axe. I would say flotation, axe, and traction are all mandatory. 
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Route: North Slope
Posted On: 2018-04-11, By: desertdog
Info: The recent storm seems to have missed this area. We drove to 10,300 ft. on Hermit Pass road after that it is blocked by snow drifts. With an early start you will not need snowshoes. We elected to climb up the slope and then the far right gully between the Eureka and Hermit saddle rather than going over Hermit (see pic). This is a great route. Easy class 3 with the snow. Much more fun than climbing Hermit twice. You will need spikes and an axe. Once on the north slope, there is not much snow. The traverse between Eureka's two summits is snow free. Hermit and Rito Alto had very little snow as well. This is a beautiful area and the conditions make it worth a visit right now. 
Route: North Slopes from Hermit Pass
Posted On: 2016-07-11, By: JasonKline
Info: The small amount of snow left was easily avoidable. It was extremely windy, with gusts making it hard to stand up at times. 
Route: NE Couly
Posted On: 2015-04-12, By: Monster5
Info: Parked around 9600 ft on Hermit Pass Rd, stopped at drifts (high clearance to there). Shuttled from Comanche/Venable TH. Snow is spring-like, consistent above 10K and mostly bare on S/SE facing stuff and ridgelines. Hard in am, bit punchy near rocks/vege in the pm. Snowshoes not used or brought, but recommended if descending a basin instead of a ridge. Followed the road/trail to Hermit Lake and booted up to the lake below Eureka (mod snow, 3rd class - easier swinging right or left). Climbed NE Couly on Eureka (left side of face; not the Eureka Couloir on the right side, which looked fully in). About 55-60 deg with two quickly melting AI2/4th class sections. A week earlier would be prime. Threw on trailrunners and moved on to Venable, Spring, Comanche (class 2, tundra/talus). Descended the E ridge of Comanche (class 4, snow. Perhaps only class 3 dry) and dropped to Comanche Lake (tundra. Mod. snow just above lake). Followed the snowshoe-packed trail out (bit punchy). 

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