Jones Peak  
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Route: Esprit/Shavano/Tabueguache/13712/Jones
Posted On: 2022-06-30, By: JasonKline
Info: Did the Esprit/Shavano/Tabueguache/13712/Jones loop from Shavano/Tabeguache trailhead. Esprit had a light dusting from the previous night that is probably gone by now. Shavano had a bit more snow, but no need for microspikes, etc. The rest of the route was free of snow and ice. 
Route: Via Tabegauche
Posted On: 2020-08-31, By: kael_kleck
Info: Did the 4-peak loop of Shavano-Tabegauche-Point 13,712-Jones Peak. Coming down Tabeguache we took the ridge up Point 13,712 and across to Jones. Around 11:30 when we reached the ridge over 13,000 we had dark clouds coming from the west. No cairns or trail to speak of, but pretty straightforward route-finding with only a couple class 3 parts just past Point 13,172. Descending Jones was rough, lots of loose scree but made it easier to run down the mountain to the south side of Shavano lake (puddle) with the thunder right behind us. From here we were completely on our own getting back to the Shavano east slope trail. No trail, YOU WILL TEST YOURSELF. Stayed at 11,500 just below treeline and traversed Shavano's northeast face to the east ridge and linked up to the main trail. Found a pretty straightforward path through the trees and scree but stay high. 
Route: From Point 13,712
Posted On: 2019-10-16, By: supranihilest
Info: The ridge between Point 13,712 and Jones Peak is rotten but not as bad as I expected. The most difficult part of the ridge is the very first part off of Point 13,712, past a huge tower that's more like a big wall than a singular tower. I went under this tower but found myself traversing with hands on rotten rock and feet on steep, rotten dirt. The exposure was substantial. It probably would have been better to stay on the ridge crest. Once past the initial third of the ridge or so the difficulty backs off in how sustained it is. There's still Class 3 sections here and there, mostly down climbing off the towers as you progress, but nothing quite like the first part of the ridge. The quality of rock increases towards the middle of the ridge then dips again slightly at the end. Again though the first part of the ridge holds the worst rock. Descending the southeast shoulder to Shavano Lake was easy though very steep and tedious, and from there a long ascending traverse back over Shavano's east ridge to the trail. This might be easier for some with GPS, as there is no trail whatsoever between the lake and Shavano's standard trail, and the exact point where you find the trail again is not obvious. No snow to contend with anywhere on the route. 

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