Unnamed 13545  
Condition Updates  
Route: Indy Pass
Posted On: 2022-08-08, By: kwhit24
Info: I got to Indy Pass at 5:15am and waited a little bit until it got a little lighter. There were only about 5 cars there at the time. The route up Pt 13,500 has a good trail most of the way and over to Twining wasn't any more difficult than class 2. It was still class 2 coming off Twining Pk to the saddle aside from one class 3 move towards the bottom. The route up Pt 13,545 had a little maneuvering and Class 2+ stuff with a little exposure in spots. Coming off Pt 13,545 had a few Class 3 area but I mostly tried staying close to the ridge. That was the most difficult part of the hike but Mav handled it with no help needed. Once at the saddle you can see the trail down to Lost Man Lake which you follow for like 3/4 of a mile. Saw 7 mountain goats past the lake. Picked my way up to Pt 13,001 (Now 13,006 and no longer the lowest ranked 13er) with no issues then back to the saddle. The route up East and West Geissler Mtns were pretty straight and lead to some great views of the surrounding areas. To get back to the car I just contoured between 12,400 and 12,500 to avoid too much extra up and down on the rolling slopes. (11.94 mi; 4,790' gain; 7:34:45 total time) Start at TH 5:45am; PT 13,500 6:40am; Twining Peak 7:15am; PT 13,545 8:00am; PT 13,001 9:25am; East Geissler Mtn 10:45am; West Geissler Mtn 11:35am; Back to TH 1:20pm 
Route: Loop from Geisslers
Posted On: 2022-07-15, By: yaktoleft13
Info: Summer conditions. Avoidable lingering snow to gain the sw ridge of Geissler west. A couple of easy scrambling sections particularly going up to 13545 
Route: Loop from Independence Pass
Posted On: 2021-06-18, By: angry
Info: UN13,500 > Twining > UN13,545 > East Geissler > West Geissler. 13,545 was the best of this loop. Fun scrambling. Summer conditions and any remaining snow patches are avoidable or of no consequence. No summit register. 
Route: South Ridge
Posted On: 2020-09-13, By: Flyingfish
Info: The class 3 is mostly dry but when there is snow it is very sketchy. I wished I had an ice axe but am not sure where it would have helped. Should be melted out in a few days 
Route: South Ridge, Northwest Ridge
Posted On: 2019-09-26, By: supranihilest
Info: The ridge between Twinning and Point 13,545 is a scramblefest. It's easier than it looks. There's a number of towers and blocks on the ridge and many have Class 2+ options on either the east or west sides. The second to last and the last blocks had a Class 3 slab down climb and a Class 3 up climb, respectively. Neither was particularly difficult but the rock along the entire ridge was friable and care must be taken to test holds. The northwest ridge descent was likewise Class 3 and easier than it looked. Some parts of the ridge are narrow and slabby, and the entire thing is covered in friable rock. Resist the temptation to descend down one of the gullies west towards Independence Lake, the ridge eventually relents to Class 2 and you can make your way towards the saddle or the lake from its northern reaches. 

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