Williams Mountain  
Condition Updates  
Route: Chromosome Couloir
Posted On: 2020-06-07, By: KJMc
Info: Left branch is in good condition with a little sun-cupping. The entire couloir stays shaded for about 1.5-2hrs after sunrise (early June), but the lower section stays shaded even longer from it's steep walls (past 9:30am). You can still navigate around the rocks on the upper panel but it's steep and easy to forget about the exposure below. Really great consolidated snow for climbing, but challenging to ski. You do not want to fall above the dogleg. An easier way to do this trip would be to leave a car at Lost Man TH and then drive up to the last hairpin and climb over any of the Geissler passes. This can be a fast approach as long as there is enough snow in the basins below. If taking Lost Man Pass, stay to the right of the creek so that you won't have to cross it later. After your climb on Williams HP, descend the 3.5 miles to your car at Lost Man TH. Or if you have the energy, time and snow conditions are right, climb back up any of the Geisslers and get a bonus 1,500' of snow to slide down. (I finished up on W Geissler at noon on a partly cloudy day and had soft and fun snow to finish up a long day) Photo 1: Scout day from W Geissler Photo 2: View from Lost Man Pass at 5:30am sunrise Photo 3: Approaching base of couloir near Sioux Lake Photo 4: View towards Geisslers from top of Chromosome Couloir Photo 5: Map Photo 6: View back towards Williams HP on return over W Geissler 

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