Unnamed 13317  
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Route: Alpine Cemetery to Poplar Gulch traverse
Posted On: 2021-08-22, By: JasonKline
Info: Alpine Cemetery -> 13626 -> 13317 -> 13078 -> Poplar Gulch was entirely free of any snow from last week's storm. It was pretty windy and a little chilly at times on the traverse. 
Route: From Point 13,626 (Cottonwood Lake Campground)
Posted On: 2020-05-24, By: supranihilest
Info: Basically dry the entire way. Plenty of Class 2 talus. There's numerous roller bumps en route that seem to take forever. My friends went up the ridge to avoid snow and I went directly up the east face. Both are viable. You can avoid most/all snow on both. The face is very steep and looks looser than it actually is; still, the ridge is probably easier. We went over to Point 13,078 so I can't say what the descents/ascents into Hope Gulch or Weldon Gulch are like. 
Route: South-Southeast Ridge near Alpine
Posted On: 2012-02-26, By: piper14er
Info: ...just to change it up from 14ers... There is no trail or trailhead on these as far as I know although there is a house and road up to the ridge east of 13317. First a bit of info from 02/17/12. I followed the westerly side of the ridge between Coal Camp Canyon and Sheep Canyon up and over 13299 enroute to Unnamed 13317. I started from the mainroad (CR 162) at a small turnout that is past Alpine Reservoir and just west of Sheep Canyon. I dropped down and crossed two creeks and back up to CR 292. Without snow you can drive CR 292 out of the town of Alpine to the same point. It is closed in winter for vehicles but open to snowmobiles. I followed the road west and then up the ridge. The snow on that side of Coal Camp Canyon was not bad. Gaining the top of the ridge is steep though. (Image #1 taken from the ridge to 13078 on 02/24). Once you get to 13299 you have a short steep and rocky drop to the east down to the saddle and then back up to Unnamed 13317. I dropped off the westerly side of the 13317 ridge and directly back down Sheep Canyon. A short 2 miles and 3800 foot return. I would have been better off had I headed over to 13078 right then but with a late start and the time it took to get to 13317 it would have been dark by the time I would have made it there. The ridge to Unnamed 13078 is a different story. Same start and then to the west side of Coal Camp Canyon. Treeline is 2500 feet up in a short 1 mile stretch to a narrow ridge. It started out okay with only a little snow but a lot of dead and down trees to bushwack, then rocks to climb. The snow gets deep at 10700 or so, waist deep and steep. (Image #2 shows my trench behind me and is deeper than it looks). The snow was powder and no bottom. Snowshoes did not help and at one point below treeline it took me two hours to gain about 800 feet. Once to treeline you would have another 1.5 miles to the summit. (Image #3 and #4 shows the ridge and peak from 13299). Hope there is some useful info here for someone. 

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