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Route: Kerber Creek
Posted On: 2022-05-31, By: kwhit24
Info: Adding a few pictures to piggyback on the other reports that already talk about the lack of snow. Road is clear and my Ford Edge made it up easily. I was driving from Pagosa Springs so start at noon and summit by 1:50pm. Tagged Sheep Mtn on the way back 
Route: Kerner Creek
Posted On: 2022-05-28, By: thebeave7
Info: Parked at the mine down low because I wanted extra miles. Road would have been perfectly passable to my Rav4 or any Subaru to the end. The schwack up the SE ridge of Sheep went pretty well (took a direct line), snow is a non issue below treeline. The bowl has patchy snow, but it's all shallow and much can be avoided. No gear needed. Tagged Sheep on the way back then got in a short glisade. Early summer conditions in the area, snow pretty much a non issue. Ouray, Shavano and Tab are melting fast but still holding a solid dusting. The Sangres are totally white above treeline until you get to the Blanca group. 
Route: Kerber Creek/East
Posted On: 2022-05-27, By: malogos
Info: Below treeline, avoidable patches of snow, but this means lots of bushwacking. Above treeline, numerous bands of snow, most of which are avoidable. Walked on dry tundra and talus for all but maybe 100yds of the ascent. Then I realized the snow bands tend to be only 2-3in deep and just started going through them on the descent. No flotation or spikes necessary. 
Route: Brewery creek & east ridge loop
Posted On: 2022-04-04, By: Marmot72
Info: Do this now if the stair master at your gym broke and you find post holing in snowshoes to be a fun alternative! Snow is a mess of sugar. Between 10k and 11k, it's no exaggeration to say I sank to my knee (in snowshoes) at least one of every three steps. Above tree line is better and summit is mostly dry, but whether going east ridge or south ridge, there's no escaping the post hole apocalypse of the trees. 
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Route: From Bonanza
Posted On: 2021-06-06, By: Reg0928
Info: Essentially summer conditions. A little bit of weaving through drifts in the trees, but you can leave the gear at home. I never touched snow 
Route: Bonanza TH
Posted On: 2021-05-28, By: angry
Info: Mostly dry. Minor post-holing below treeline. Did not use traction or flotation. 
Route: Antora meadows
Posted On: 2020-07-21, By: Kcmartinez22
Info: Follow the Antora meadows 4wd road from the brewery creek gate. It goes all the way to .9 miles below the summit. Straightforward and easy. Just stay on the road. 
Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2020-05-30, By: supranihilest
Info: We started at the unnamed creek north of Slaughterhouse Creek (took CR LL56/FS 861 from Villa Grove; 2WD is fine) and ascended northwest until we were on a shallow rib. We did not descend back down the western side of this rib but continued up towards 12er Sheep Mountain then curved around under it. There was a snowfield crossing or two but nothing major and the snow was mostly supprtive; no postholing. We then ascended directly up Antora from the Antora/Sheep saddle which was steep and on dinner plated trash. Kind of irritating but could definitely be worse. Instead of descending the way we came we went over Sheep Mountain and Sheep Mountain's northeast summit, avoiding all snow. We descended back to the Sheep/Sheep Northeast saddle then down towards Mosquito Lake on steep, hummocky dirt, then found an old disused road that we followed back to our cars. 
Route: East Slopes of Sheep Mountain
Posted On: 2019-07-12, By: TravelingMatt
Info: I started at a turnout where forest roads 861 and 862 meet. This spot is located at (38.3293, -106.1839) WGS84, some 6 miles in from the start of 861; you turn off for 861 before reaching the village of Bonanza. Road 861 is much smoother than 862 and can probably be driven by 2wd cars. This starts you off around 10,680' and makes a rather short day of Antora. From this TH, walk the fenced-off road for about a mile. Shortly after a switchback, and before the road starts downhill, leave the road and bushwhack west through trees. Gain the ridgeline if you want, or stay underneath it with it on your right (north), but if you encounter a barbed-wire fence keep it on your left (south). The terrain is briefly steep near treeline but mellows out quickly. Above treeline head for the Antora/Sheep col at 12580', then SW to Antora's northwest ridge, then straight up to summit. 
Route: Brewery Creek Guard Station
Posted On: 2018-06-16, By: JasonKline
Info: Summer conditions. Ice axe/microspikes unnecessary. Google Maps didn't quite end up at Brewery Creek Guard Station, so use directions from 

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