Henry Mountain  
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Route: Lottis Creek Traverse
Posted On: 2021-06-21, By: supranihilest
Info: I climbed Henry from South Lottis Creek Trailhead, traversing the entire ridge clockwise, which netted one thirteener, seven twelvers, and an elevener. Thanks to John Kirk for this route idea. From the trailhead go south on a good trail. Cross Lottis Creek. Continue on the trail until approximately 38.7528, -106.6089, then go east up an intermittent creek marked on maps. Stay on the north/left side of the drainage. It's steep but Class 2. The south side eventually gets cliffy. Climb all the way to the ridge top then go south to Point 11,825. It's a big drop and big ascent to unranked 12er Cross Mountain (Class 2), then easy terrain to the next two 12ers, Point 12,472 and Point 12,446. Continuing on towards Broncho Mountain involves another large drop and gain, and the ridge up Broncho is Class 2+ on stable boulders. From Broncho drop down Class 2/2+ slopes on boulders, talus, and scree towards Gunsight Pass. Route finding ends up easier than it looks. From the pass stay below the ridge crest and make your way towards a large talus gully, then ascend it (Class 2+) to the plateau below Square Top Mountain. The rock in the area of Gunsight Pass is amazing - it's easy to see where Fossil Ridge Wilderness got its name! From Square Top it's Class 2 to Henry. From Henry to the next peak, Point 12,842, there's a ton of scrambling, most of it Class 2+, but occasionally Class 3. The rock is generally stable, exposure is moderate at worst, and the route finding is vastly easier than it looks from a distance. From 12,842 to Point 12,684 is almost two miles on an already huge day, and there's some minor scrambling up to Class 3 along the way, but not nearly as much as the previous segment. The worst rock of the day is while descending 12,684 but it's short lived. Continue down the ridge to the north, then take the north-northeast split. Here's where the route begins to suck. You might be able to continue all the way down the ridge crest as it doesn't appear to get very high angle when using slope angle shading, but the entire route below treeline is marked by talus and boulders in the deadfall-strewn forest. Tedious to say the least. I left the ridge crest and headed northeast down 35-40 degree slopes covered in downed trees, slick pine needles, and loose rock, eventually funneling into a drainage. This was very slow going as it was steep enough I had to take it one step at a time. Microspikes might help with the loose forest floor. Fortunately there wasn't a cliff at the bottom of the drainage, but I did hit another large boulderfield and then a swamp when it leveled out. I waded South Lottis Creek to get back to the trail, happy to have that nonsense over with. Again, staying on the ridge itself might be better but I can't guarantee that - this descent just sucks overall. 10/10 route, 0/10 descent. 
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Route: Fossil Ridge
Posted On: 2020-09-12, By: tjf242424
Info: Not recommended. There are very deep and awkward drifts all along the ridge from Sheep Mountain to Henry Mountain. A decent sized cornice has formed in places. It's getting a lot of sun, but it's going to take several days to return to summer conditions due to the amount of wind deposited snow. 
Route: Gold Creek via Mill Lake
Posted On: 2020-06-18, By: Uffda
Info: Hiked the class 2 route from Gold Creek via Mill Lake, along with Fossil Mountain and Square Top. Summer conditions. The summit register was soaked - tried to dry it out a little but it was still pretty damp when I had to head back down. 
Route: South Slope from Square Top Mountain
Posted On: 2019-07-17, By: Flyingfish
Info: The Fossils are in full summer conditions now with the trail to Lamphier lake being muddy in a few spots. 

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