Unnamed 13253  
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Route: Ridge loop from Winfield
Posted On: 2022-06-10, By: lkk8815
Info: Went up Winfield Peak then followed the ridge over Virginia, Sheep Rock, etc around to UN13253. The route up and all along the ridge is generally dry, snow is almost entirely avoidable except for a few short snow crossings between peaks. Never-ending talus made this ridge run much slower than I was expecting. Getting off the ridge was a bit tricky - continuing on the ridge down to the pass above Lake Ann seemed bad because it's still a steep snowfield up to the pass, and it's guarded by a giant cornice blocking that exit. Best option seemed to be dropping down onto the ridge that goes out to the 12er Granite Mtn, but the ridge extending out from UN13253 is also guarded by cornices for about a mile in each direction. Luckily there was a small section hidden behind the summit where the snow is just steep (not overhanging!) that I used to carefully drop down onto the ridge with Granite. Followed that for a little bit then bailed down the right side into the basin. Made the mistake of staying high to avoid the snow in the basin and ended up having to swim through soft snow in the trees anyways, and then make an epically awful stream/flooded willow crossing to get back to the trail. Would have crossed up higher but I once again believed in a line on the AllTrails map, thinking there'd be some sort of bridge crossing the stream, but it wasn't there. Sank up to my waist. That's what I get for going out during snow-melt season. Didn't use/need any snow gear. 
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Route: Via Winfield/Virgina Peak, through to 13253
Posted On: 2020-09-28, By: IHikeLikeAGirl
Info: 99.17% dry. ;) Some snow on west and north slopes of surrounding peaks, but ridge line from Winfield Peak through 13253 was dry, with a couple of teensy, nonhindering, patches of snow. BTW, if you love tundra ridge runs, this is not that. Rock, boulders, rock, and more rock lie between you and each peak (see Feinstein's TR). It is tedious. And it is worth noting, we found a way off 13253 that did not involve any class 4 down climbing. We were able to keep it at mostly class 2 with some short class 3 sections. We dropped off the ridge towards Granite Peak at ~12,800. Photo 1 - General pic of dry ridge conditions Photo 2 - Tiny bits of snow on the ridge Photo 3 - Snow on north and west aspects 
Route: Northwest Ridge
Posted On: 2019-07-28, By: supranihilest
Info: Completely dry. Lots of talus to deal with. 

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