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Route: South ridge via Terrible Mountain
Posted On: 2022-02-20, By: gluckhikes
Info: I started from 1.25 miles south of Gold Creek Campground and was able to follow snowmobile tracks all the way to treeline (snowshoes optional to this point). The steep climb from there to Terrible Mountain was challenging, starting with snowshoe trail-breaking before switching to spikes and kick-steps for the last 200 feet or so. From Terrible to Fairview the climb is more gradual and windblown. I kept the spikes on. The fire lookout on the summit was very cool, and has a ladder inside so you can get up to see the view. While descending around noon on this warm and windless day, I saw my first signs of spring as small roller balls dropped from my path and snow clumped up under both my spikes and snowshoes. 
Route: Fairview Peak South Ridge Route
Posted On: 2021-09-07, By: jbealer
Info: Just a road update for others like me that "think" they can get up the roads. I drive a Honda Element, i have gotten her up many "4wd" roads but some times the roads bite back. I tried to take the 770 up terrible Mountain Road from Pitkin, i made it maybe 1.5m, i was still 2.5m from where i though i might be able to park, a steep hill with loose rock stopped me and i had to back down the mountain, wishful thinking on my part. you 100% need a true 4wd with clearance on this road, past the last house. I then tried a route from https://www.climb13ers.com/colorado-13ers/fairview-peak their info is out dated and that road (766) is 90% 4wd with clearance needed from almost the start of the road. When u turn on to 766 it gets bad fast, then a little better when you turn left on to 766a1. by this point i had enough with rough roads and with no idea how bad it would get I parked at 10,600ft and walked. the good news is the road gets better, the bad news is i walked to far to turn around and get the car, so if you can make it to 10,600 you can make it farther up the road. things i wish i had known. these roads are also busy with sidebysides and other small off road things on narrow roads, good luck finding a pull over to pass. I jacked up my Element on Sat. Trying to get up one of the 2 roads, she is in the shop now from 10,600ft i clocked 11.2m RT and 2590ft gain, so i guess it was still a good day but my husband and dogs had to wait for me at the terrible mine for me to get the summit as that was way to far for our older dog to do. i was counting on the under 6m RT from the upper parking area. hope some one can find this useful, i wish i would have known. 
Route: Shaw Ridge / 426 & 427
Posted On: 2020-07-21, By: TakeMeToYourSummit
Info: All the info I could find focuses on other approaches to this 13er. I figured a bit of beta on the 752 road approach would be good! From the Taylor Park area start up the 752 road near the southeast corner of the res. There are many junctions but its usually obvious how to stay on the main road (PIC1). The road slowly gets a bit rougher as you approach the Union Park Cow Camp (there is a gate to open & close just past the buildings). Turn left on the continuation of the 752. The terrain varies from smooth dirt to rocky to baby heads as you work your way up the road. Cameron Creek has options - I only tried the one directly in the water (PIC2, looking back). As you near the TH one last steep rock obstacle confronts you (PIC3). I went right in the pic (with less smooth results on my return the next day, more center). An option to the left was also available - I did not see that full road or its difficulties though. Past most the major hurdles the TH will be in sight fairly quick. The route I took had around 10 miles (RT) and 3800 to 4000 vertical gain for the hike. The trail starts along Lottis Creek & is rather mellow (you earn it later). A few miles in you will hit the switchbacks (2, right then left). A bit more hiking will get you to a flatter meadow just shy of 11,600' (PIC4). There is a pond here - but I was unable to see it clearly until I returned from the other direction. This is where I left the standard trail to gain Shaw Ridge - exiting the meadow to the east. I quickly found another clearing with a bit of 2+ terrain towards Shaw (PIC5). Continuing along the ridge (barbwire is here - as cattle control, this side of the mountain is fully in a recreational area) - you will soon see treeline & 12,702 (PIC6). The east side of 12,702 offers a bit of scrambling if you are inclined (PIC7). After hiking several hundred more vertical feet the summit of Fairview will present itself (PIC. East ridge beta (PIC9) & south ridge beta (PIC10). This fire watch is very unique for our high mountains & is open to climb ladders to the top floor (PIC11)! On my return I aimed for the path of least resistance - solid rock, snow, & really whatever would work (PIC12)! Eventually I tied into the 426 trail & made a right onto the 427 trail (PIC13). There was some uphill through this area. Shortly before the pond you will "top out" at this sloped cattle guard (PIC14). Continue straight (the loop will be closed, hopefully you will recognize your route from the morning) and enjoy your remaining hike (PIC15) back to the TH. Feel free to message me with questions regarding this route. Safe travels! 
Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2019-07-19, By: Flyingfish
Info: Ridge from Cumberland Pass was dry top to bottom with a few snow patches along the sides of the route but quickly melting. 
Route: Cumberland Pass
Posted On: 2016-06-28, By: Matt
Info: Cumberland Pass is open from the top. The route's snow-free. 
Route: South Face
Posted On: 2015-11-12, By: sdkeil
Info: Climbed the South Face route of Fairview Peak via the Gold Creek Campground. We drove an Xterra to the trailhead with no problem, but it probably could be done in an all-wheel drive car (there is one deep mud puddle that might need to be avoided). There was minimal snow and ice on the road. From the campground we set out on foot and roughly followed FS RD 771 2G until it made a sharp switch back to the north. The road disappeared at this point, so we did ascended onto the ridge above New Dollar Gulch (S side). We traveled east until we could reach the SE flanks of Terrible mountain and jumped on an old mining road, which dumped us off near the top of Terrible mountain. From Terrible mountain the route is pretty obvious up the South face of Fairview Peak. On the descent we dropped into the drainage west of the Terrible mountain / Fairview Peak saddle and followed it until we found the 4WD road and followed this back to the TH. Stats: 11.5 miles and 3,300 ft. Snow was unconsolidated powder that was shin deep in some places below treeline and above treeline it ranged from patchy snow to a few areas of windpacked powder that was knee deep. No floatation or traction was needed. 

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