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Route: from Igloo
Posted On: 2022-07-29, By: ScottLovesRMNP
Info: As others have noted the ridge from Igloo directly to Mountain Boy is riddled with cliffs and loose rock on steep, exposed terrain. I took the "standard" approach of reverse a short distance back on Igloo and then did a descending traverse on kitty litter rock until I could see the Igloo-Mountain Boy saddle and then followed faint pathways through the loose rock. From the saddle to Mountain Boy is straightforward. For the return, I dropped down into Mountain Boy Gulch, which is brimming with wildflowers. There is a long strip of snow that makes it a little tough to get back up to the ridge with the Igloo trail, but I kicked in a few steps and managed just fine. This is a beautiful hike and works well when we have these short windows of good weather. I stayed dry all day, but the heavy hailstorm hit just as pulled into my garage this afternoon! 
Route: Independence Pass
Posted On: 2022-07-22, By: mtngoatwithstyle
Info: I did not summit Mtn Boy but from Igloo's summit I could see it was also dry Summer Conditions all the way to the summit . I did drop on Igloo's southern saddle on a faint goat trail in between the false Summit and Igloo's that contours the shoulder and it was ok.Kitty litter on this steep slope but with microspikes I had traction and felt fine. I dropped down maybe 200 feet before I headed back up. Be aware that if you choose to drop into Mtn Boy Park as suggested on some TR (alternative route) from the trail there are still many cornices with quite a bit of snow. 
Route: From Indy Pass
Posted On: 2022-07-02, By: hr011242
Info: Dry. Confirming that the ridge direct descent off of Igloo > Mountain Boy is a loose pile of poopy. I took a lower traverse on the way back. Stats in last photo. 
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Route: Via Igloo from Indy Pass
Posted On: 2022-06-11, By: daway8
Info: Did Igloo and Mountain Boy from Indy Pass. I was surprised how much snow there still was given how little was present on nearby Rinker last weekend. There was next to none on the trail to Igloo but my plans to drop down to the shelf below Igloo were foiled by continuous steep snowfields all along the slopes going down to that shelf with large cornices and/or snow walls near the top of most of it. For getting to Mountain Boy, I took a route similar to headsizeburrito and justiner; dropping a little to the right along some mountain goat trails but not too far down. Crossed one steep snowfield with spikes and ice axe - was able to kick steps in so that a pair behind me was able to follow without special gear. (Turns out it was USAKeller and someone whose name I neglected to write down - fun to meet and chat on Mtn Boy and snap photos of the mountain goats). Mtn Boy was basically dry. The other two retraced their route while I glissaded down the saddle between the peaks. Snow going down and through and along the shelf was mostly solid but occasionally postholed to my knees or more. Used ice axe and kick steps to cross a steep snowfield - almost went up to the ridge on a snowfield but the nearby cornices were making me nervous so I went to the far end of the shelf where there was steep snow but no cornices and got up it to the main trail. Not sure how the photos ended up out of order... 
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Route: Loop from Independence Pass
Posted On: 2021-06-20, By: angry
Info: There is a mandatory snow crossing on the back side of Igloo. Otherwise, route is dry to summit. The saddle between Igloo and Mountain Boy is corniced with one exposed rocky section that we downclimbed to descend into Mountain Boy Park making this a loop. No summit register. 
Route: from Independence Pass, via Igloo
Posted On: 2021-06-04, By: mijoflynn
Info: Lots of snow for the first mile -- softening but mostly supportive at 6:30, thigh-deep postholes back at 10:00. I don't know that snowshoes would have made much of a difference. But it's so soft that I can't imagine it will survive another couple days of sun. Once you're on the ridge, the trail is clear to the summit of Igloo. I backtracked and then sidehilled around Igloo, rather than trying the class 4 downclimb. The northwest slope of Igloo is clear of snow, and there's a nice trail that takes you down and around. The southwest and southeast slopes have lots of snow, but at 8:00 (up) and 9:00 (down) it was in good condition to kick steps. I descended farther than I wanted to, down to around 12,450', and had to climb back up to the Igloo / Mountain Boy saddle. But that might have been a good thing, since on the way back it became clear that there's a cornice higher up on the ridge that divides the NW and SW faces (at ~12,600') that would have been awkward to get through. There was some rockfall during my traverse. There's no significant snow from the saddle to the summit of Mountain Boy. Great views. Beautiful day. 
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Route: From Igloo
Posted On: 2020-08-28, By: Flyingfish
Info: Drop off the south of Igloo to avoid the ridge then traverse to the saddle where its an easy walk tot he summit. Descended by 12542 which is relatively steep by manageable. 
Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2018-04-23, By: Tony1
Info: Snow coverage on Mountain Boy is great. Splitboarded it on Sunday, April 22 from the Graham Gulch trailhead on Highway 82. One other in the party (on skis). Skinned from the trailhead until 12,400, then we put them on our backs and booted. The ridge is cross-loaded, so there is not a lot of bare ground; be careful ascending it, especially if the snow is more firm. We descended back down the ridge to about the same spot to avoid the more avalanche-prone slopes, then turned north into the bowl and back east to the TH. No sharks. 
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Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2018-03-25, By: sdkeil
Info: Encountered a lot of unconsolidated sugar snow through the trees and on the ridge proper. As of today there is a good trench in place to the summit. Bring your axe, crampons and your "A" game for this short little gem. 

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