Fitzpatrick Peak  
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Route: From St Elmo
Posted On: 2022-02-19, By: hr011242
Info: Usual excellent snowmobile trail without a ton of whoops for once. Not sure what's up with that, but the road was 8x better than I recalled from last year on my splitboard. :-) Booted to 11,800, and then I put on snowshoes and turned east off the road to stick to the easiest terrain. There was some postholing in spots, but the sections were brief and the route was pretty painless. And boring. Didn't use my axe or spikes. Wore snowshoes out. It took just over 3 hours from my truck parked at the 'lot' when you enter town to get to the summit. ~3500 vert, ~13.5 miles. Highlight of this trip: several Texan snowmobilers giving me the Forrest-Gump-shrimp-boat-wave from their rig. Freaking hilarious and made my day! 
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Route: From St. Elmo
Posted On: 2021-10-10, By: ScottLovesRMNP
Info: Road from St. Elmo to Tincup Pass is a little muddy but otherwise dry (for now). Hiked over Pt. 12,800 with some snow on the rocks near the top (slippery, so be careful). From there to Fitzpatrick is a straightforward ridge walk with a few inches of snow that can often be avoided by stepping on the protruding rocks. Winds were tough today (wind chill was probably 10 F at best). Definitely felt like the high country is on the cusp of winter! For the descent, there is a wonderful trail that heads back to the 4WD Tincup Pass road from the 12,800-Fitzpatrick saddle. I was glad to avoid re-climbing the 12er and going back across the slippery rocks and snow. 
Route: Cumberland Pass
Posted On: 2021-06-29, By: tjf242424
Info: Went over Napoleon Mountain and down to Napoleon Pass, then directly up the west slope of Fitzpatrick. The whole thing is snow free and there are quite a few ATV tracks to follow along the way. The slope going down from Napoleon to its namesake pass is loose talus, but it's only about 500 ft, so goes fairly quickly in both directions. Any vehicle can make it to Cumberland Pass. The whole thing took about 4 hours. 
Route: Tincup Pass
Posted On: 2021-06-14, By: Jon Frohlich
Info: Road to Tincup Pass has one remaining snowfield that can't be driven around on the last switchback but there are places to park right below that. Route to Fitzpatrick over 12780 has some low angle snow patches but almost all dry. Basically summer conditions at this point. Someone should take a new register. The existing one is in very bad shape. 
Route: From St Elmo
Posted On: 2020-11-13, By: WildWanderer
Info: The 2WD road to St Elmo was icy but I saw several 2WD vehicles navigating fine. The 4WD road to Tincup Pass was icy and I wouldn't attempt it in a stock 4WD. I wore microspikes until the upper basin, and then snowshoes once I left the road. I did not take the ridge, as it was very windy today and there was a cornice at the access point. Instead I summited by heading up the east face. There were a lot of moose tracks along the road and in the basin. I came across two male moose in the willows on my way down. It was snowing on my descent. 
Route: From Tincup pass
Posted On: 2020-08-05, By: Trotter
Info: Note, Tincup pass is a long, long rough 4wd road. Takes a long time, saw tons of ATVs, but very few stock vehicles. Read bergstieigens report, theres a good shortcut to Fitzpatrick that avoids the climb and reclimb of the 12,700 ish 12er along the ridge 
Route: North Ridge via Tincup Pass
Posted On: 2019-12-21, By: supranihilest
Info: The road to Tincup Pass is nicely groomed. From there to the 12er snow conditions are pretty good. I wore my snowshoes literally the entire way up and down, including around the coxcomb ridge prior to the 12er and up the Class 2+/Class 3 scrambling on the 12er's summit pitch. After the 12er is a large elevation loss, then Fitzpatrick's long north ridge. There's some steep areas on the ridge that are all avoidable. I descended the east face, linking less steep areas, which wasn't too bad until the willows. Then it was knee deep postholing all the way to the road. I thought it would never end. Definitely not an ideal route down - maybe go back up the ridge to the large shelf below the 12er, then to the pass. It'll probably take longer but you'll avoid the willows which were among the worst I've ever experienced. Axe and spikes not needed (you may want them for the scrambling up the 12er) but floatation is mandatory. 
Route: From Tincup Pass
Posted On: 2019-08-24, By: Flyingfish
Info: Dry from the pass to the summit 

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