Middle Mountain B  
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Route: Lulu Gulch 13er Loop
Posted On: 2022-06-17, By: angry
Info: Alpine start of 10am, seems the 4wd road deterred folks from venturing further but it didn't seem any worse than prior years to me. I continued up and parked at a pull off right of the lulu junction with no issue. Summer conditions, no summit register. 
Route: Lulu Gulch 13er Loop
Posted On: 2022-06-10, By: HikerGuy
Info: Summer condition. Note - the Lulu Gulch jeep road is now closed to motor vehicles. 
Route: Lulu Gulch 13er Loop
Posted On: 2021-05-09, By: VeraUndertow
Info: Other than a slightly confusing start trying to get on the correct road (I think my reading comprehension was suffering on 2 hours of sleep a gpx from the route directions might be a good move), this was a pretty straightforward hike up a 13er. I skinned from about a mile past where the road splits off the standard lake Ann the road. I could have started skinning right away but the snow was just patchy enough it would have been a little inconvenient, of course I was postholing just often enough it was also a little inconvenient. Once up in the basin on the southwest aspect of middle the road switchbacks were almost entirely dry except at each hairpin there was a little snow that was easy enough to kick steps in. From here over to the summit of middle was a breeze as the trail is dry the whole way, I followed this over to 13462 and browns which were also mostly dry. It was cold and windy up above 12,500 and almost felt more like winter than May but it was a great day to be up and walking around on ridgelines again. 
Route: Lulu Gulch 13er Loop
Posted On: 2020-11-06, By: WildWanderer
Info: See Huron update for approach. No traction needed from 13462. There was snow on the 4WD road back to Lulu Gulch. Traction was nice but due to the soft snow not necessary. Microspikes were necessary once on the road back to the trailhead. 
Route: Lulu Gulch 13er Loop
Posted On: 2020-08-31, By: JasonKline
Info: Summer conditions. The switchbacks up Middle Mountain B were a fine path, albeit a little narrow at points. 
Route: Lulu Gulch 13er Loop
Posted On: 2019-07-28, By: supranihilest
Info: Completely dry. The switchbacks up/down the mountain are in terrible disrepair but make the hike far easier, at least down (I did not ascend them, coming from Huron instead). There's a few wide but shallow creek crossings on the road near treeline, as well as some avalanche debris, but nothing serious. 
Route: Lulu Gulch 13er Loop
Posted On: 2018-05-14, By: CUaaron25
Info: Hiked Middle mountain B via lulu gulch yesterday. Our group of 7 had snowshoes but never had to use them. The route on the road through the trees is mostly dry. There are still a few questionable slopes to cross under once you get up into the basin. We crossed one wet slide that looked like it had run a couple days before. The final slope up to the ridge was completely snow free. Great day out in nearly summer conditions! 
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