Trailhead:  Evans Summit Lake
 Posted By:  jmjr2k
 Date of Info:  09/06/2015
 Date Posted:  09/07/2015
Status Update
Made the drive along Hwy 103 South to Hwy 5 in the morning, and arrived at the park entrance/ranger station at 6:40 a.m., but no one was home. So, we proceeded and went on up to the Summit Lake parking area. There are two, separate, areas to park that provide access to the trailhead which will lead you to Mt. Spalding, the West Ridge, and Mt. Evans. We got the last spot in the closer lot to the trailhead. Folks were starting to park along the road as overflow on this Labor Day weekend. When we came back after the climb, we found a notice on our front windshield that said we needed to pay the park entrance fee. On the way back down, we stopped by the park entrance/ranger station and paid the $10 fee, and they marked us as paid on the ticket notice. The road was in great shape, and I talked to CDoT who said they would leave the road open up to the Mt. Evans summit top until the first significant snow closes it since there was extended reconstruction of the road in the Spring. We had a cold start with temps at 38 degrees F. and a nasty wind chill with gusts up to 30 mph making it feel like the teens.

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