Trailhead:  West Winfield
Sawatch Range
 Posted By:  rocketman5988
 Date of Info:  05/09/2017
 Date Posted:  05/09/2017
Status Update
Road to Winfield is passable by any sedan with decent tires if you stay under 25mph (watch out for potholes and corrugation). Takes 25-30 min to get to Winfield from Hwy 24 turnoff. (Watch out for elk as they are still down in winter concentration and their was close to 100 about 1 mile west on 390.) The 6-8in thick fallen tree just west of Winfield will stop all but a decently lifted 4x4. If you attempt to get to the old cemetery be prepared with recovery assets and other vehicles to help, as the snow drifts are often a few feet deep and dense. (See photo) Trailhead wooden post/sign is falling apart but still standing; no longer any signage but others have burnt/carved 'La Plata' with an arrow into the wood. Trail up La Plata is all but completely lost in the deep snow drifts in the creek-bed area just past the Trailhead sign.

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