Trailhead:  Jennings Creek
Sawatch Range
 Posted By:  JQDivide
 Date of Info:  05/05/2018
 Date Posted:  05/06/2018
Status Update
About .6 miles passed the Angel campground area, on the 4wd road, there is a short stretch of snow, maybe 30 yards long. Going up.... the snow covers about 2/3rds to 4/5ths of the road on the driver's side leaving bare road for the passenger-side tires. Snow bank is anywhere from 1/2 foot to 1 1/2 foot deep. Passenger side of the road... it is a significant drop=off, leaving little to no room for mistakes
We decided not to drive it in our Suburban. If we slid, or a short piece of muddy road on a soft shoulder gave way, it would have been bad. I would have tried it in my Jeep.
Now we later found out that day, someone drove over it in a full size single cap pickup truck. Also suspect a side=by-side drove it. The snow held for both on the way up and later in the day on the way down. Pickup driver said the rest of the road was clear.

If the snow gets soft, and you get stuck, it could be a bad day. There is no room to maneuver. If the weather stays warm, it should melt out pretty quick. Take a shovel just in case.

A couple folks in Subaru type vehicles were going to give it a try on Sunday.

Comments or Questions
snow bank
05/07/2018 14:58
We made it up okay in a CRV. The rest of the road is completely dry. The hardest part of the snow bank section is where runoff is pouring over the edge of the road, making your car tilt even more toward the dropoff (a definite hold your breath moment). However, we made it fine, both up and down.

The bank is melting quickly. It was noticeably smaller on the way down than in the morning. I'd expect it to be a non-factor in a week or two.

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