Trailhead:  Jennings Creek
 Posted By:  cougar
 Date of Info:  09/16/2018
 Date Posted:  09/16/2018
Status Update
Road has a bunch of rough, rocky stretches for the last 2-3 miles. A bit of smoother sections mixed in. Not too many big rocks, lots of smaller loose ones, and a couple rougher spots. Some water flowing down it. Made it fine in 2017 Outback going slow. Several campsites along the way. A landmark just below the trailhead is a pair of beaver ponds, one on each side of the road, about 0.25 miles before the trailhead. There's a large pullout on each side of the road here, and a good spot to camp. Trailhead itself is just a small pullout, has room for about 3 cars. Only signage is a USFS generic "trail closed", but matches the route description.

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