Trailhead:  Nellie Creek
San Juan Mountains
 Posted By:  kendricb
 Date of Info:  07/17/2019
 Date Posted:  07/18/2019
Status Update
Road crews have been out repairing damage at the first stream crossing this week. Although it looked deeper given the constricted reroute, seeing a RZR cross easily gave us confidence. We had no trouble crossing the creek in a stock 4Runner and were eventually joined by several other vehicles at the trailhead (several Jeeps, a Tundra, and another 4Runner).

Photos (click for slideshow):

Comments or Questions
Road conditions
07/18/2019 09:49
Other than the creek crossings was the road in decent shape? I will be out that way Tuesday afternoon and hope to make it to and camp at the TH in my Ram pick up and avoid the extra hike.

07/18/2019 18:38
Do you think a Subaru Outback can make it up to the upper lot?

07/19/2019 09:38
Don't know much about a Ram, but having driven a Forester previously, I likely would have bailed. I appreciated having more clearance and larger tires than my Subaru.

You can always try the early sections of the road before the first crossing to see how you feel. Though there were a couple challenges up higher, it doesn't get significantly harder.

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