Trailhead:  Nellie Creek
San Juan Mountains
 Posted By:  nagodekar
 Date of Info:  08/05/2019
 Date Posted:  08/06/2019
Status Update
This was a concentrated effort on my Off-Road 4Runner with a 2 inch lift. The 4WD road is 4 miles long and 80% of the road has a lot of small boulders everywhere, but a good driver can navigate them. The creek crossing at 1.9 mile mark is around 20 inches. If you stay left as you are heading up, you can manage it quite well. The biggest challenge for me was a steep hairpin after the 2nd creek crossing (which is much shallower than first). You have to choose between a significant side tilt or going up a big vertical rock. It's more iffy coming down. The road between the 1st and 2nd creek crossing was very muddy and parts of it were slippery. After the hike, the vehicles I saw on the upper trailhead were all Jeep's, 4Runners and Trucks. I saw a Subaru and Toyota RAV4, parked just before the 1st creek. High clearance helps a lot.

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