Trailhead:  Evans Summit Lake
 Posted By:  JeffR
 Date of Info:  05/15/2020
 Date Posted:  05/15/2020
Status Update
Hoofed it up the road this morning (yay, sprained-ankle rehab). Completely clear for the first 5+ miles, then snowpacked for ~1 mile, then random ice and snow until Summit Lake. A front-end-loader crew was in the midst of getting it on right where the road crosses to the east side of the ridge. Between that and Mother Nature, I'd wager that the road will be clear to SL within a week or so. Talked to the loader driver, their only plans for at least the next few weeks are to clear the road to SL. For the remainder, I imagine they'll wait for the sun to do most of their work (due to the late opening), then they'll come back during the last 2 weeks of June to finish the job.

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