Trailhead:  Nellie Creek
 Posted By:  ronxhill
 Date of Info:  07/23/2020
 Date Posted:  07/28/2020
Status Update
I made it up with my Ram1500 with a 4" lift and 35" tires. The first creek crossing seemed to be the critical point and I made it with 3" or 4" to spare. I wanted to try to give people an idea if they're particular vehicle could make it based on the measurements of my vehicle. Unless you have the same exact vehicle though, the description of my truck may not help much. So here goes: I believe your entrance and exit angles/dimensions on your front/rear bumper will be the most important parts.
My Front Bumper highest part is 20"
Front Bumper lowest part is 17.5" (see photo)
Lowest point on front suspension is 12.5 (see photo)
Rear Bumper highest point is 25"
Distance to tailpipe (coming out the side) is 20" (see photo)

With a long wheel base vehicle like this, be prepared to do a multi-point turn after crossing the creek to make a hard left turn and repeat on the way back out.

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