Trailhead:  Nutras Creek
San Juan Mountains
 Posted By:  CCU_Jim
 Date of Info:  07/25/2020
 Date Posted:  07/28/2020
Status Update
Road easily passable with a 2wd Kia sedan. Only one creek crossing on the way to Nutras Creek TH. This first creek crossing (Pauline Creek) has maybe an inch of water. The concrete slabs have shifted slightly to create some bumpiness, which was a bigger obstacle than the water itself. TH is immediately before the road crosses Nutras Creek, so no need to ford there unless you are continuing on to Stewart Creek or Eddiesville THs. Other than the one creek crossing, which is negligible this time of year, road is in impeccable shape and can be driven by any vehicle. Earlier in the year when snowmelt is higher, you'd probably want higher clearance just for the creek crossing. Looking at a map, if you really want to avoid the Pauline Creek crossing, it appears possible to leave the NN14 road a few miles earlier and head most of the way towards the Cebolla TH and cut over on the Big Meadows road, to rejoin the main FR794 road, but I didn't drive it so I don't know if Big Meadows road has any obstacles.

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