Trailhead:  Nellie Creek
 Posted By:  sky_high
 Date of Info:  08/08/2020
 Date Posted:  08/09/2020
Status Update
I agonized over this for a couple of days based on the trips reports. Let me be clear, if you are not in a short wheelbase lifted 4wd this will beat up your undercarriage. Took a stock F-150 and must have hit a dozen times (thank god for skid plates!). It is rough and narrow and opportunities to turn around are few. The entire road is rubbly and tough on the tires, but my highway tires and 4wd had plenty of grip. The first crossing requires a tight steep narrow left turn and much of the filler is completely washed out. If you make that crux you'll be able to do the remainder of the road, but you will still face at least two more steep uneven patches not to mention the unending rubble, ruts, and tight hairpins. I saw a half-dozen stock trucks besides mine at the top; I can only say I'm shocked the route is not coated from leaking oil pans and busted diffs. Took a good hour in the dark, looked worse in the daylight but got down in 40 minutes.

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