Trailhead:  Grouse/Burns Gulch
San Juan Mountains
 Posted By:  CCU_Jim
 Date of Info:  08/22/2020
 Date Posted:  08/22/2020
Status Update
Made it to the 4WD turn off today in a 2WD Kia sedan. The road is in great shape until Eureka. Above Eureka, it starts getting bumpy, but still fairly easily passable for the next two miles or so, just dodging rocks here and there. The final mile (really .5 mile) was a lot more interesting, with about 3 rough spots. With good lines, I was able to get up without scraping or hitting bottom, but was nervous at times. This was further complicated on the descent as the road was packed with 4-wheelers and ATVs. 4WD vehicles, or anything with descent clearance shouldn't have a problem though. The 4WD road up Burns Gulch is clear of avalanche debris and passable - saw a Jeep and several ATVs up by the 4WD parking. Still a ton of avy debris and snow sitting next to the Animas from last year's slide, but it does not affect any driving.
I clocked slightly different mileage as well: Starting where you turn right from main street onto county road 2, it is paved for 2.0 miles. Reached Howardsville at 4.1, Eureka at 7.5, and parked at 10.6. Found a parking spot on the left, right before the river crossing, but there was a good amount of room just past it as well, without any major obstacles in the way.

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