Trailhead:  Nellie Creek
San Juan Mountains
 Posted By:  sierramtngoat
 Date of Info:  06/11/2021
 Date Posted:  06/12/2021
Status Update
Miller Creek Road is high clearance 4-wheel drive minimum however, the description is inaccurate in that there is no difficult section at the beginning. It looks like the forest service must have regraded the bottom the because it's relatively Smooth compared to the rest. Passenger vehicles are probably good to the first stream crossing where there is some serious articulation, so if you're low clearance in the front you're probably going to scrape coming out of the water. The most difficult part is probably the second switchback, especially on decent. There is a fallen aspen tree that's blocking the road partially; this might be a problem if your car is super wide; my Jeep was able to get around it without scraping.

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